Reflecting on Different Leadership Styles in Dublin

I would say may leadership style prior to this experience would be to lead by example. I am certainly not the loudest person, so a leadership style that involves a lot of speeches or shouting does not fit my strengths. I developed this leadership style over the past four summers when I was a camp counselor. When you are with a group of kids for seven weeks straight, it is important that they respect you and know that what you say really has meaning to it. This is why leading by example has worked for me in the past, as if a kid sees you cleaning up or being respectful to others they will follow suit because they look up to you. This style definitely works with younger kids who look up to you, but it may be a bit less effective in a more traditional workplace, although I think people would enjoy seeing their boss being able to accomplish the tasks that their workers need to accomplish as well.

I would say that my boss’ approach to leadership has given me some insight as to how to be a better leader. He is very kind in his approach, and I find this to be an effective tactic. Leaders who are nice will create a strong work culture where people feel accepted and included, and individuals are not afraid to be wrong or ask questions when needed. If a leader diminishes people for messing up on a task, or asking a “stupid question” the worker will likely feel down and resent their boss or be dissuaded from asking questions that would ultimately help them complete the task they are working on. Additionally, a toxic work environment could lead to individuals losing passion for the job they are doing and ultimately quitting. My boss is also very complimentary towards myself and my fellow interns. Even if we do something small right he will notice and be sure to tell us we did a great job. This is a good leadership tactic because it empowers employees and lets them know they are appreciated. Even a small compliment can go a long way, especially when an individual has been working on something for a long time. If I ever find myself in a prominent leadership position again I will be sure to incorporate some of the strategies my boss has shown me throughout this internship so far.

This week at work we wrapped up this first step of completing our government fraud index. Myself and my fellow interns have completed looking at all years in the Irish times dating back to 1972. Now that we have completed our first step, we are now going to have another individual code the same years that were completed by someone else and see how they match up for maximum accuracy. We are doing this because when we took a small sample to see how well our coding matched up our results were not 100% consistent. Today our boss informed us of how we are going to proceed with this process and has assigned us specific years to look over. We are not permitted to discuss our coding with our other interns to maintain the integrity of the double blind coding.

This week I did not travel outside of the Dublin area, which was nice as I had traveled the two weeks prior. On Tuesday there was an event in the city called Riverdance which I was able to attend through EUSA. Essentially it was a form of an Irish dance show, which was interesting to see. I had a fairly relaxing weekend where I spent some time outside, as the weather here continues to be very nice compared to the first month here. I also went to see the new Spiderman movie which was very good. On Sunday I was able to watch the Women’s World Cup final where the United States defeated the Netherlands. It was a very exciting game, as the score was tied going into the half, but the United States was able to pull away and win 2-0. Additionally, I tried Chinese food in Ireland for the first time, and I would say it does not differ too greatly from American Chinese food. I am going to be getting dinner with my Grandmother sometime this week as she is doing a travel tour throughout Europe and stops in Ireland soon. It will be nice to see her and maybe I will show her a few things in Dublin while she is here.