Settling back into the States

Now that I have left Argentina and have been adapting to my routine here in the United States, I’ve come to realize how much one truly learns and experiences while living abroad. Overall, my international experience was nothing but positive—an eye-opening cleanse for myself. On top of all the wonderful sights, I’d have to say the main reason for this new outlook of mine is due to the people I have met and built relationships with.

My host mother and her daughter were nothing but welcoming and comforting—excited to make dinner for me, supply me with blankets, shower gel, jackets, etc. Manuela acted like a sister towards me, from chatting and catching up with each others’ lives to going out on the weekends with some of her friends, or mine. I was able to really connect with the people in my program, whether it was because we were of the very few who knew English in that country, or we just bonded with one another through our experiences abroad.

My class that I took abroad was very small, consisting of only 4 students, but this way we were able to get to know one another. The class that I was enrolled in, Analyzing and Exploring the Global City, was perfect for me because we were given tours while walking around the city and learning how it came to be about. My internship also was an incredible experience because I had the opportunity to connect with Argentine’s and learn about their ways of life, outside of the work environment.

Although it took time, I have grown comfortable with my life that I have developed in Buenos Aires, and actually even noticed some culture shock when arriving back into the United States. I’ve realized how much I have grown as a person, as well as professionally. I’ve noticed that it is great to surround yourself in a new environment, and meet new people, because you can get to realize a lot about yourself that you wouldn’t if you stayed in your comfort zone. I’ve become extremely independent, confident, and adapted a different kind of positive perspective on life. I plan to incorporate some of these takeaways here at Pitt by being involved in more clubs to continue to expand my connections and interests, as well as going the extra step to maximize my college experience at the University of Pittsburgh.