Week 9: Not to Say Goodbye

I’m now seating at the TXL airport, writing this weekly post with my laptop having 33% of battery left, since I just get recalled we still have to write one more before the final post. Everything seems to move forward naturally. Not heading back to China or U.S.A., but my hometown, Budapest, Hungary. Not until the time for my final performance review, my supervisor and me realized how much I have done during the internship. I’m glad that my works made some differences to the company, like the idea of renewing or rebuilding the company’s official website. Besides the daily maintenance to the CRM system, I was also assigned to make several tutorial videos regarding it for internal use. It’s mainly for the training to the new upcoming employees as well as problem solving purposes. One of my colleagues came to me said that he watched all the videos I produced and figured out everything which he was confused for six months already. It is seriously a big compliment and encouragement to me for what I have done. Also, I did want to say special thanks to me last internship. I learned a lot in terms of the structures of database as well as certain popular functions in Excel from last internship. All these skills helped me a lot in this internship. In this way, short-term experiences and practices do have long-term benefits especially for the accumulation of it.

For my last day of internship, I bought three cakes beforehand for special thanks to everyone. Nice cakes for nice people. My company is a middle-small size company, and normally all employees will celebrate each other’s birthday together. So it is common for us to buy treats, which is also the case for goodbye. Seriously, I had cakes during the internship for almost every week. Sweet. My company also bought gifts for me. Surprised. Umm actually not. My supervisor is not good at to keep the secrets and he was super struggling for what to buy for me. So he asked me to give him a track on Wednesday. That’s why I kinda have an expect but I was super surprised when I heard it. During the cake time, the company CEO handed the gifts to me and said that they spent half of the day discussing what would be the best for me LOLOL. I was super touched and I especially like the handwritten card. I still have no idea how the card went through everyone’s hands when I was there or maybe I wasn’t. Whatever, I really like my company family. We took pictures together that day. I also had lunch that Friday with my office team members since the CEO asked my supervisor to take me out for celebrations and yes the CEO paid for it, like the welcoming dinner. People come to say goodbye and hug me before leaving. It is definitely one of the precious experiences/ memories to me and I will keep in mind for sure. I don’t know starting from when, I’m actually somewhat like the idea of this weekly post, since I’m not good at to memorize things. So if I do not write these weekly posts as diaries, I will definitely forget most of the details as time passed.

my last nite in Berlin
cakes I bought ❤️

I’m leaving Europe July.24th, yes, like 10 more days. My next destination is my hometown – Budapest, Hungary. Even though I will only stay there for one day. After that, super excited, my mother and me will travel to Spain, although the time we left is definitely not enough to explore Spain, since we didn’t realize that Spain is that big before making arrangements. But whatever, I hope I will enjoy it and get rid off all the troubles haunting in my mind now. It’s been four years now since last time traveling with my mother solely (my mother travel with her friends very often these years instead of me lol).

Two months is not enough to be a local for one place, but definitely yes to be familiar with it. Still remembered the first several times getting to work, I need to be super concentrated and check google maps and watch out the station the entire time. But now, I can easily find most places without the guide of google maps. In love with Berlin being a multi-cultural city. Also, good wishes to everyone I met and work with.


Last Sunday for the internship program.