Breakfree on George

In my time in Sydney, Australia I lived in Breakfree on George, a hotel in the middle of Sydney in Chinatown. In my small room, you walk in and the bathroom is immediately on your right, followed by a small kitchenette with a mini fridge, then two twin beds and a small couch and small desks. I lived with Kyle Snyder, a fellow Pitt business study abroad student whom I matched with randomly, but he ended up being a fantastic roommate. Kyle and the central location of the hotel were the two biggest upsides to living in Breakfree on George, but past those two it was not a great living situation for the price. The hotel felt very cheap, and the rooms were extremely small and not very functional compared to the apartments a few floors up as well as our Urbanest counterparts. Overall, the living situation was one of the worst parts of my study abroad experience, but it was easier to deal with the hotel living in Sydney and spending most of my time outside of the hotel.