Week 9 – Goodbye

So much has happened in the last 9 weeks that it’s hard to believe this whole experience really was such short of a time. Although it at the same time feels like my time in Berlin has gone by fast, having had the opportunity to meet so many people, experience so many new places and to really grow as an individual and a professional makes it feel like  the day we May 14th was a lifetime ago. Thankfully, I am able to stay in Berlin until Wednesday, but it is still very strange to know that the program has come to an end and that before I know it I will be back at home, enjoying the summer and getting ready to go back to school in about a month.

Every week of this program was different than the previous, and this last week was no exception to that. I have had a truly transformative experience while here in Berlin and that was thanks to being able to see and do so much. From getting adjusted to the new culture, to settling into a routine at the internship and ultimately the sad goodbyes on the last day of work, there was so much that had a hand in shaping this experience for me. The last week was without a doubt another engaging, interesting and new experience.

When it set in that I had only one week left on the job, it was pretty interesting to see a gradual shift in the focus of my coworkers and myself. When I was finishing up tasks and completing my final assignments, instead of being given more to do, I found that we were taking more time to just talk to each other and learn more about each other before I was gone. One thing that I really appreciated over the course of my time here was my coworkers, and that became very apparent to me this last week of work. Although it felt good to finish up my tasks, it was definitely sad saying goodbye to the people I was able to get to know here.

Despite the goodbyes of last week, I also managed to fill my time with trying to keep myself focused on being able to enjoy my final days. This was made a lot easier by having my friend from back home still being here in Berlin. It was nice after a hard day of work to see an old friend and go to the gym or grab dinner. Despite all the other changes that were going on, we were able to stick to a schedule and keep things pretty “normal” before I leave. It was a lot of fun enjoying the weekend in Berlin with my friend and when Wednesday comes I’m sure it will be difficult to say one last goodbye before I get to start saying hello again.

It still feels strange to talk about saying goodbye and being home soon but I also can’t wait to see all of my friends and my family and to tell them all about the amazing experience I had in Germany. I know they will be excited to hear about all of the people I met, the things I saw and did, and of course the internship. I honestly am very excited to be able to tell everyone about the work I did and the people I worked with at Residea. Although 8 weeks on the job is in all honesty not a very long time to be a part of an organization or company, I feel as though the time I spent at Residea was well worth it. I feel as though I grew personally and professionally, I know that I was taken outside of my comfort zone and given opportunities to grow from it, and overall I feel like the job I did and the experience I had was truly “successful”.

I talked in my blog last week a bit about what it means to be successful in my company’s culture and what it takes to succeed in this environment. I believe some of the things I wrote about were that in order to be successful, it was expected of you to be professional, you need to be able to communicate effectively and positively, the work needed to be done properly and it needed to be done on time. And as I believe I also wrote about last week, I honestly do feel as though I succeeded in my goals of learning and growing, and that I succeeded by the criteria of success at Residea. Although I was not given a lot of feedback, what I was given was encouraging and effective in letting me know that the job I was doing was being done well and that the company was satisfied with the work I was doing. I will always be appreciative of the people I worked with for how they also focused their tasks around helping me learn the most and gain the most from my time at Residea. At the end of my time there, they showed that not only was the work I did truly appreciated but that I would be missed. It was really a wonderful experience.