A Real Accomplishment

Well, there are only two weeks left and one weekend left to see/do something I have yet to experience here in Dublin/Ireland. These past six weeks have honestly flown by and they are not slowing down, as Monday is pretty much already over as I am typing this. To recap this past week, I decided to keep it a relatively relaxed weekend and explored some of the closer places to my place of living. I felt like I hadn’t been around the area that I live in (weird) so I decided that since I wanted to kind of recharge this weekend, I just walked around, ate at a local restaurant and soaked in the surrounding area. It was extremely peaceful and was also definitely needed. However, work was a blast last week, and I also was able to do something actually useful for the business. The task was much harder than it sounds. It was, “Make a template to calculate costs/profit for all of the employees to use.” When it is put that way, it sounds like there is not a lot. But since this is a booking business, there was a surprising number of factors I had to take into account when creating the template. Just some of the factors included commission, VAT, outside costs, previous payments, among other things. After multiple attempts and tests I can confidently say that I successfully made a system that everyone in the company can use to easily calculate everything that needs to be paid and received! I can honestly say that I have never been prouder of myself or felt more useful in my life. Making this template not only improves the operations of the business as a whole, but also proves to me that I can actually function successfully in a real business. This is a massive confidence boost for me, and for once in my life I feel prepared to come back to the States, get another professional internship, and be even more useful and successful there. I am still excited at this moment about what I was able to accomplish last week and have already seen positive results that come directly from my new system of calculation.


I just spent a while talking about my accomplishment at my job this past week, and part of the reason as to why, I believe, it was so successful was due to the work culture both at my job, and in Dublin itself. As I have said before, the work culture in Dublin is extremely relaxed. The people here are less worried about deadlines and getting work done as quickly as possible. Regardless of this thought, the work still gets done and is done well. This is easily the biggest difference between U.S. work culture and Irish work culture. From what I have experienced or heard other people experienced is that everything is much stricter in the United States. The deadlines are absolute and there is rarely any freedom in how things should get done. For the most part, there is only one way to complete tasks and it should be done that way almost every time. From what I have experienced in Dublin, it is the complete opposite. The amount of freedom I get in my tasks, coupled with the lack of real deadlines allows for a lot more creativity and making sure things get done correctly and well. Of course, this is all in my opinion, especially since I relate a lot better to the more relaxed areas of life than the stricter areas of life. I personally find that I work better when there is not a lot of stress, and I have the freedom to complete the task how I want, when I want. A perfect example of this was the project I did this past week that I explained earlier. There was no real deadline, and there was no set of directions that I had to follow to complete the job. I just had to do it somehow, someway. And I did exactly that and have never been prouder of myself in my life. Think this is the biggest take away for me. When I get a real job in America, I should stay relaxed regardless of how much work must be done, as I work better when my mind is at ease. Even if there is a hard deadline, I should not worry about that and instead worry about the end product, because that is usually the only thing that matters in the end.


I cannot believe that I only have one more blog post to write now that I am done with this. I am going to try and have these next two weeks move as slowly as possible so I can truly enjoy the little time I have left in Ireland.