This weekend my parents came to visit me. It was refreshing to see them after such a long time away. We spent the week drinking beer and eating Czech food. I acted as their tour guide and showed them around the city. We then had a long weekend and traveled to many places within the Czech Republic. We went to Kutna Hora where we visited the bone castle as well as the Santa Barbora Cathedral. The city was beautiful and photogenic everywhere you look. It was a great weekend and I’m glad my parents were able to enjoy it with me. My parents will be leaving soon and I am afraid it will cause me to begin being homesick after being able to spend all week with them.

I feel my athletic background has helped my leadership ability throughout life. I have never struggled to step up in difficult times and organize things. I have been fortunate enough to have been surrounded by a team my entire life. Therefore I have been exposed to some great leaders and role models. Therefore, I have learned skills directly from them. I feel that my background has set me apart from others. I thought I would have an easy transition into the work space but I was wrong. The internship provided with me with so many challenges and bumps along the road. I had to learn so much and grow as a person.

The work space took me by surprise because I had to really learn how to lead myself. I do not feel like I struggle leading others by directing myself became difficult. As said before, my bosses are really adamant on me doing work on my own and that has challenged me. I have had to go out on my own to learn about marketing and fields I previously did not know, and then implement the into reports. Along with the content that went into the reports I also had to learn how to write the reports themselves. From a finance background I am good with numbers but not with writing. Therefore I have had to pick up skills and technique to write a better report. I now feel as if I know the proper business etiquette and what is needed in a proper report.

I also have had to take control of advertising for many of my companies clients. I have had zero experience with marketing. To do this I have had to read many articles and learn all I could about marketing. I began by creating a content strategy which lays out the goals and plans to market. I then proceeded to do this for Disrupt Digital’s clientele. Doing this has taught me the best ways for companies to approach marketing.

I also learned the importance of Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is attempting to earn a high ranking in search results to in turn drive more foot traffic and visitors to a site. Today, the most popular page is not put at the top of a search result. Instead strategies and techniques are then used to drive search results to the top. Digital visibility is consistently overlooked in the business world. Sales can only occur if people can find and use your company. The most beneficial part of SEO is its ability to make your company found. If your competitors are more likely to be found when making a quick search, then they are taking customers that could be yours. This is where SEO can be used to rank higher in a search. Utilizing things such as keywords, tags, and evergreen material can make your company rank higher in a search result. With the higher rank comes higher foot traffic and more sales. Knowing this will benefit me if I ever want to start a business of my own. I feel like I now have to confidence in my leadership and may now be able to start a business of my own. I now know the financial side.

This experience has been far more rewarding then I thought prior. I knew I would grow on the career side but I didn’t realize I would grow so much personally, such as my leadership ability. Although it is coming to a close and hasn’t been easy I am very glad I chose to take part of this experience. I am excited to see what the last couple weeks have in store and I know I will only learn more information that will benefit me.