My Last Week

This will be my last weekend in Madrid which I can scarcely believe. I have come to absolutely love Madrid and I truly wish I could stay longer. I am of course excited to return home to see my friends and my family but I will really miss my time in Madrid and Spain.

This weekend I traveled to Bilbao on my own for two and a half days. It was my first time going on an overnight trip completely on my own. I was very nervous about the trip for the few days before but I was very lucky and everything except for the bus taking longer than expected the trip went really well. I stayed in a hostel for the first time and was really happy with my bed and space. It was absolutely perfect for what needed which simply a place to sleep. The Ribera was just down the street and across the river. Both mornings I was there I walked down to the river and then from there found breakfast and then continued walking down the river. The first day I walked as far as I could before crossing and walking up the other side. The weather in Bilbao was completely different than Madrid. There was complete cloud cover and it was cool and windy the whole first day I was there. Because of this weather I decided to explore outside as opposed to going to the Guggenheim. Which was a great decision because the second day I had to carry my backpack with all my stuff around so going to the museum was great because I could check my bag. I had very few plans before going to Bilbao and this allowed me to wander around freely. As well because I was one my own I could keep my own schedule and go at my own pace which I really enjoyed. The absolute best part of the trip though was my discovery of bollo de mantequilla. This a basically a sweet roll filled with sweetened butter and and sprinkled with sugar. I do not know how but I kept my consumption of them down to only two even though I probably could have eaten many, many more. I am very excited to try making them with my mom when I get home.

Yesterday I got back to Madrid and even though I was not gone for long it felt like I had been away for a very long time. Today it felt really good to be back even though I basically had to jump back into work. I feel like my work here so far has been a marathon but this week will be a sprint to the finish. This week I have a lot of work to do that must be finished before I leave. My supervisor and I are now working together to finish our last project. Last week my supervisor filmed the the educational videos we had been working on and now we must create the visuals to accompany them. This involves time stamping when images will be shown during the video. This has been challenging because the videos are in Spanish and if the there are words in the visual they must be in Spanish. I have been able to use a few template slides but for any images we do not have I have to create new ones. And for the existing slides I have to translate the English to Spanish. Also the office is closed this week because all of the NYU students have gone home so I have to work either from my apartment or from a cafe.

I am not sure really how Spanish professional culture defines success general but what has been important for me is doing high quality work in an efficient manor. I think what has been important for me to be successful is doing high quality work in my first attempt at an assignment. As opposed to quickly putting together a low quality first attempt, I have really tried to make sure my first attempt will be my last one. I think this has made me successful in my work. I think in general in the United States speed and quantity can be considered more important than quality.

At the end of the week I will be traveling to Paris which I am very excited about and then Brussels before I head home next Friday. I am most looking forward to wonderful pastries and coffee.