Final Week

For my final week I completed the rest of the business plans for the site visits for my company. We visited both Dresden and a site in Berlin in the last week. My coworkers took me out for a good-bye dinner in Berlin at a really nice restaurant. It was a bitter sweet moment to finally be done because while I will miss Berlin, I definitely am excited to go home to see family. This week my family is coming to see me in Berlin and then we are traveling to the Amalfi coast to a town called Positano.  While they visit Berlin, we will go on a tour of the city, which is the same tour we took on our program on the first day we got there. Because they will only be here for a couple days, this will give them a good introduction or overview of the city. I know this is something I really enjoyed, and I know it will be something they will really like too. Berlin is a city that takes weeks to fully explore an appreciate but we will make do with what we have.

Once we go to Italy we are planning to see Pompeii, Capri, and other cities along the coast which I am very excited to see. I know that being on the coast will be a nice change since the city was so busy. I am excited to have some time to relax in Europe before making the long journey back home. There are so many aspects of this experience I will miss. To start, I will really miss working for the company in which I interned. I loved the environment and the people I got to work with every day. My work was so interesting, and my coworkers were so helpful in teaching me new skills and habits within the professional environment. Another aspect of the program I will miss is living in a city like Berlin and having the ability to travel to so many other places in Europe so conveniently. Chances are I will never be in Europe for this long again which is sad to think about. There are so many places I got to go but there are also so many places I have not been. I look forward to coming back at some point and checking those places off my bucket list. Finally, another huge part of the program I will be sad to leave is all the Pitt students on the IIP in Berlin. While we will see each other back at school, getting to know everyone through this type of program was really special. I’m glad that we will still have the opportunity to see each other back at Pitt.

            During my internship I closely communicated with my supervisor when it came to understanding assignments and clarifying tasks In the situations where I had to rely more on contextual clues to problem solve, I would spend time reading through documents thoroughly and using online resources to further understand the concepts I could not grasp. Most of the time however I felt comfortable using direct communication with my boss as the most efficient way to clarify and solve problems. As my internship has come to an end, I’ve been able to really reflect on the feedback I received. Aside from just reading the mid-point performance review, my supervisor would meet with me once a week or so to check in with my projects and go over what can be improved or changed in my performance. Usually there were not many critiques from him however when there were, he was very direct and specific. This mechanism was really effective in helping me improve and further understand where I need to focus my efforts. I think overall this allowed me to stay on task and motivated me to complete the work to the best of my ability. I think a huge component of that comes from feeling like a priority in the office and understanding that my boss really valued the work I was completing. I talked with my boss about how a huge part of this experience that made me really happy was the fact that he invested time in meeting with me and never let me fall off the radar. He said that a goal for him was to utilize my skills for the projects we needed to complete but also for me to learn a lot about the office. I would say confidently that he achieved that goal.