Never stop learning

My trekking experience through the Himalayas of Northern India provided me with an extreme amount of learning. Lots of this learning came through the guided reflection that our group took part in every day. Hearing six other prospectives on the events of each day provided me with a lot of prospective on other people feelings and reason for their actions. I was surprised, and a little disappointed in my lack of awareness of these things for other people. When I heard the reasoning behind my peers actions i became much more understanding. I also learned a lot about appreciation, and its immense value for a successful leader. Goruv displayed this trait beautifully through the trek. I think that we both had similar feelings about the lack of challenge during the trek. Watching how he dealt with it, and stayed so positive was an inspiration for our time together, and hopefully as i move forward i can continue to channel this.

I also hope to channel my learning of being more concuss of other people;s feelings to my life as a leader beyond this program. I obviously understood that other people have vastly different motivations in their lives, and outdoor indevers than I do, but this program taught me that being more attentive to these motivations and feelings can result in a much better experience for all parties involved.

My biggest take away is that my leadership is developing always. The open mindedness of our instructors showed me that even the best leaders have plenty of room for improvement. Being a great leader is never something that i will check off and stop working on. Conscious reflection, and resistance of my learning process will help facilitate this continued growth.