Week 9! I’m in London!

First things first, a quick update. Hello everyone, my time in Paris has ended. Yesterday morning I hopped on a train to London, England. Here I will be studying Strategic Marketing at the Imperial College London for the next 3 weeks. A few minutes ago, I went to the store to grab some lunch, and the people in line behind me were speaking french. I really do miss Paris already. My boss at the art gallery in Paris said that once I get to London I won’t want to come back to Paris, but as of right now my heart is still in the city of love!

Last week was obviously my last week, and it went really smoothly. I went to work like usual, and tried to squeeze a few things in that I haven’t yet. This was my 4th time in France, so this time around I told myself to try to live more like a Parisian, and that is exactly what I did. Although admittedly, the last few days I couldn’t help but think of all the touristy things I should have considered (haha), but no regrets. On my last day of work, my boss threw a mini party for me, and as I was leaving the gallery she kissed me about 4 times. I also made a huge grammar mistake while leaving, but in my defense I was a bit nervous and I am not that great at goodbye’s.

My host mom was a sad one to leave. I just hope I get the chance to see her again, but she did say if I ever needed a place to stay in Paris, I could stay with her.

With regard to this weeks prompt, I have definitely had to rely on context clues to help me communicate. Firstly, when I arrived in France, I had taken several french classes, but I was far from fluent. After my first few days of work, I found myself extremely exhausted working in french. However, I realized that it was because I had to focus so much on peoples expressions and behavior in order to understand what they were saying, that by the end of the day I was completely drained. For example, if I didn’t know the word for “Picture Frame” I would have to pay attention to their sentence before and after the word, while also observing their behavior to see if they gesture at anything. Using context clues definitely accelerated the process of learning vocabulary, but the process is rather exhausting.

With regard to feedback, I would say that I was given a lot of positive feedback. Before coming to France I was advised that a lot of the communication would be implicit. Knowing that, I went out of my way to ask before I started a new project what the expectations were. Then, 1/4 of the way through the project I would just check in to make sure that I was on the right path. I had to be very self motivated in this regard because otherwise I feel as if I would not have gotten a lot of feedback. This method however was very effective, because that way, we were all on the same page, and open communication was something my boss and I became very comfortable with. If there was a problem with what I did, my boss would come to me and I would fix it. If I did an amazing job, she would let me know. My relationship with my boss was very candid, open, and honest, so I was really lucky in this regard.