Buen Retiro y La Última Semana

Success in lreland is an interesting topic to pursue. A lot of employees only work part time because they want to experience life and be able to spend time with their families. In addition, those that are full time still take long holidays and will sometimes leave early to get to an appointment or run an errand. Being a successful employee is not about how much time you spend in the office, it’s about the type of work that you do and how well you complete it. A company can be successful in Ireland if their customers are happy and if they are bringing in a lot of revenue. However, it’s not all about the money in Ireland. It’s about the experience and it’s about the people. I would define success for an Irish business as a positively viewed, popular company that has a lot of business. For instance, I have noticed that the owner of the elbowroom where I work is focused mainly on the traffic in the studio and at the elbowroom escape as well. She is focused on many different corporate aspects in which she can incorporate to increase revenue at the elbowroom escape. They want to drive in large parties and start to decrease the amount of individual room bookings as they do not bring in as much money. But success in a professional sense I have noticed is mainly about being happy and doing comprehensive work that will aid the company and those it serves. The elbowroom is huge on customer satisfaction and cares a lot about what the customers are asking for and whether or not they are happy with classes, workshops, and trainings.

A successful employee completes their work on time and goes above and beyond what they are asked to do. In addition, they should show that they really care about the work that they are doing and want to help the company. I have helped a myriad of people in the marketing, digital media, and financial department. It has been a rewarding experience to have the ability to learn how each aspect of the company works, and being able to aid whoever needs it. In my internship, a successful employee is someone with a lot of creative ideas who works quickly and researches effectively. You can’t be afraid to do certain work that may not be right up your alley and you should always be open to any opportunities that arise. In addition, you should take initiative and sometimes put in more work than is needed to thoroughly showcase your skills. In the marketing industry, you should be great with online sites and social media as well as writing ads and blog posts. Also, you should try and experience what your company has to offer to better understand what you are promoting.

In Ireland they are more laidback so even the smallest amount of work might impress your employer. I know I have done very small tasks such as helping them pick out a corporate gift or proofread articles for the website, and they are still impressed and appreciative. In the United States, they expect perfection every time with little questions and the work is always squeaky clean. Here in Ireland, mistakes are allowed and questions are absolutely necessary to ensure you are doing what they ask. Your work can deviate a little bit and you can put your own spin on each assignment. They even sometimes ask for my opinion on certain events or aspects of the company and appreciate my view. I believe it’s become I’m from a new place and I also provide a different outlook because of what I’m studying and my demographic. Employers in Ireland care a lot about trust. That is the most important thing about a successful employee. They want to know that they can trust you with any work and you are going to be a responsible person with what they give you.

This past weekend, my roommate Melanie and I traveled to Madrid, Spain. It was absolutely stunning and we had so much fun. From the first night there we were able to practice our Spanish and experience a new culture very different from the one in Dublin. On Saturday we explored around the city and grabbed breakfast at a cute café before heading to the royal palace of Madrid. Each room was more beautiful than the one before, and the chapel in the palace was unlike anything I have ever seen. Pictures were not allowed so the experience was truly one of a kind. After that, we tried some interesting dishes at another restaurant and headed to Buen Retiro park. The walk, although hot, was peaceful and scenic. The park had many different sections to explore, but we went straight to the Retiro park lake. We rented a boat and admired the monument of Alfonso XII. Then we sat in the park for a little bit and walked to the national archeological museum and explored the exhibits pertaining to ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, and even the evolution of the human species. Seeing as it was 96 degrees we went back to our Airbnb to shower and change before our tapas tour. The tour was so much fun, and we met some lovely people from Germany and other parts of the United States. We went to four different places and were able to try traditional Spanish dishes as well as various wines and ciders.

On Sunday, we slept in a little bit and had a late breakfast at the same café. One thing we noticed was that the prices for food were definitely cheaper in Madrid, however we had to pay for water everywhere we went. There was a free orchestra concert in  Buen Retiro park, so we sat and listened to the music in the shade and then went to our walking tour. During the walk we viewed city hall, the place where Cervantes lived, and the plaza mayor. We were then able to visit the Reina Sofia museum and see some art before we headed back to the airport. I bought a beautiful fan from a street vendor for just 3 euro and it is one of the best things I have purchased thus far. We stayed really close to Puerta del sol so it was really fun to walk around the center of Madrid and look at Kilometro Zero and the various shops they have around there. Overall it was awesome to experience a new language and culture for a weekend and immerse ourselves in someplace new.