Global Competency

It is crazy to think there are only two weeks left for my time abroad. The people I have met and the things I have done will never be forgotten. I am beyond grateful to myself and for others who pushed me to experience this. This week was very similar to my others. I had a normal workweek and then on the weekend me and my friends traveled to other places. This weekends destination was Croatia. Croatia is by far my favorites destination. The shoreline was gorgeous everywhere you would look, and the atmosphere was alive. The old town was unforgettable, each street had things to appreciate. We boated and swam in some of the bluest waters I have ever seen. As always we took our time and tried to enjoy it all but there is never enough time to witness all Croatia has to offer. My bucketlist definitely has another trip to Croatia on it.

For me, working in Prague has been such an interesting learning experience. So many things are done differently. My office is very laid back and there aren’t real deadlines. Although I do appreciate this, I feel like more gets done in offices in America due to the deadlines. The work almost always lacks quality though. My job is laid back to the point where my coworkers drink at work. Although I understand the cultural differences towards alcohol but I still would not recommend allowing this. It is hard to think of things like that being allowed anywhere in the United States. One thing I do recommend and enjoy is Prague’s emphasis on avoiding stress. With the lack of deadlines and the ability to be comfortable in the workplace people are more relaxed. relaxation then leads to creativity and my office creates some great content. I feel like if I was to implement this atmosphere back in the states it would have to be slightly more regulated though. I want relaxation but also will be sure to get consistent work done. I fell as if this lifestyle is far healthier and allows people to utilize their creativity. The United States work life is very backwards in my opinion. If you want quality work, you have to create a comfortable environment for your workers to thrive. The content and work then created would actually be properly done.

My workspace is huge on making an atmosphere for people to thrive. Due to being an incubator I believe the other minds and startups enjoy it as well. There is never a time where music isn’t playing and people aren’t talking. It feels like you comfortably sitting at a park rather then at a desk working. My office also has things like bean bags and hammocks that you can take a break on at any time. This atmosphere is great and I do really feel as if my work improves. Every day I am in a good mood regardless of the task and my mood does then transition to my work. I become more diligent and engaged by the task at hand regardless of what it is. I believe the startup culture and atmosphere should definitely picked up by other industries. Work shouldn’t be miserable but comfortable and relaxing. Deadlines shouldn’t be definite but treated more as a recommendation and guide. The quality of my work should be how I am evaluated not the quantity of what I can produce. Although there are many places in the United States with this mindset, I feel like it should be far more common.

I am at the point where I do really miss my family and friends back home. Although I do not want to leave, I realize I am missing out on so many things. This summer has been nothing short of remarkable and I never thought I would experience things quite like this. Europe is so different everywhere you go and it shows. Each country, city, and town has it’s own story to tell and I have done my best to experience it all. The friends I have also met here will not be forgotten. We are are group of like-minded wanderers who wanted to expand their experience, but were wild enough to step out of our comfort zone. Each and every person I have met has been amazing. My trip would have not impacted me as much if I was not surrounded by such great people. I am so close to the end, but I am positive in the fact that I will have much more stories to tell when it is over.