What a charm

Being in Ireland there are not a lot of language barrier or cultural difference problems. The only issue is that I do not receive a lot of feedback. When the midpoint evaluation came around I figured I could get some feedback then, but it didn’t quite go as planned. I work with another Pitt student who gave our boss her evaluation a few days before me. So he filled hers out no problem. Then I gave him mine a few days later. He handed it back and I looked it over and read the feedback to see how I was doing. It was a pretty good evaluation with no problems, but then I read his answer to the final question. He had the other Pitt student’s name in for that answer, which makes me think he just copied and pasted all the answers from hers to mine. So I really don’t know how I’m doing.

In other news,  this week I went to Switzerland. I flew into Zurich and then took the train to the town of Engelberg. Engelberg is a small town located in the Alps with a plethora of beautiful views of the mountains. I went on the Mount Titlis Tour where you could see for miles and miles. It had the highest suspension bridge in Switzerland, an ice cave, and so much more. There was also a beautiful lake on the way up the mountain, a farm with cows that you could walk right up to and pet, and there was even a place to go sledding. I would never have thought that I would be sledding in Mid-July! I got some great photos and it was really a wonderful experience.

There was also a zip line, which peaked my adventurous spirit. So I walked up and asked what I have to do to go on. They said I have to go buy a ticket in the office and get the gear. So I asked how much tickets were, and he responded with some amount of Francs, and the guy who was about to go on was an American and told me that it was 12 dollars. The man running the thing told me that it might be too late to go because they were about to close. I asked if they were about to close because it was about to rain, but he said no, because this was the first day it was open. Which made the man from America a little anxious. He asked if he and his family were one of the first ones to use it, which the man working responded “yes you are! But don’t worry we’ve been testing it to for a while.” The American man was slightly overweight and asked if they tested for people his size. Which the man working it responded “no, but it’s supposed to hold up to 150 Kg” (he said something around that number) which to me doesn’t sound like that much. The American man became much more nervous, for obvious reasons, but he still went on and is still alive and well today. That man is very brave and if I was him I probably wouldn’t have gone. 

After Engelberg I was supposed to head straight back to Zurich to wait for my flight, but I got on the wrong train and was stuck in Luzern for a little bit. I still made my flight, but it was really a blessing in disguise because Luzern is a gorgeous town. There were beautiful boats, a great view of the mountains and a serene lake. I walked through a flea market and saw a lot of interesting items. There was a shop with all carved wooden items. I was very tempted to buy one of the recorders, because I love the sweet sounds of the recorder, but alas I did not. I was also tempted to buy a very cool wooden watch, but that was quite expensive for a college student like me. Maybe when I’m rich and famous with a house in Switzerland, I’ll be able to afford a 132 dollar watch, but for now I’ll just stick to my timex.

I then arrived in Zurich where I still had 7 hours before my flight so I walked around a little bit. I went to a park by a river and put my feet in the water, but then I noticed a spider wed under me with a cicada trapped and killed in it. If you don’t know the size of a cicada it about the size of your thumb, which means that the spider was probably pretty large. My crippling arachnophobia caused me to leave the area and never return. I walked around the park and the town a bit more. It was a very nice city but not as great as Luzern or Engelberg. While I was walking around I saw a man come within inches of getting hit by a car. He was crossing a cross walk when this car came to a screeching halt about a foot away from him. It was quite scary. Lastly, my flight home was quite rocky. There was a lot of turbulence close to the ground. I started to feel the turbulence when we were descending and I figured that it would go away by the time we were about to land, but it did not. As we got closer and closer the plane shifted and swung more and more. It was also quite scary, but here I am alive and well, with one more week here in Dublin. Time really flies.

Also this week I saw the movie Dead Don’t Die with my friend Ryan. The movie starred Adam Driver and Bill Murray. It was a very strange movie, with a lot of strange jokes. I think the whole point of the movie was to be ironic. I would not recommend seeing the movie in theatres. If you would like to see it, wait till it comes out on DVD and go to your local blockbuster and rent it. It is not worth the money to see it in theatres, but it wasn’t bad.