Goals for the Fellowship

For a weekend blog post outside of class, it is a nice opportunity to reflect on your personal and professional development goals for the program. For me, whenever I take on a new project, I find motivation in thinking about how the project will push my personal intellectual development and provide me with professional experience that could have value in my work. How about you? What are your personal interests or goals for the program? What are your professional interests or goals for the program?

When I decided to participate in the Haller Global Honors Fellowship I considered all of the pros and how it would give me a jump start on college and my career. I was thinking about how getting settled in Pittsburgh before the fall semester move-in would be good. Now that I am here I am already feeling very at home. Having this feeling was a goal of mine so that I wouldn’t feel lost and confused when the campus is packed with students in the fall. Another goal that I had in mind was to get acclimated to classes at Pitt through the course we are taking now. While the course is very different from any regular college class due to the time frame and additional company visits, it is still comforting to take notes and interact with a professor that I may have at some time throughout my four years here. I was also very excited to discover more about business in general because I hadn’t taken any business courses in high school or had any experience. My goal here was to just understand the aspects of a business through class and the site visits. Professionally, my main goal is to pay attention and absorb all the information from the companies and store all of that to help me as I decide exactly what I want to study, where I want to have an internship and, eventually, what I want to do as my career. So far I have already learned a lot about how actual businesses have to think and what they need to do to stay relevant. I can already see progress in achieving these goals and I can’t wait to see where I am at the end of these four weeks.