I Was Targeted

Positive Advertising Experience in a Targeted Market Segment:  Similar to my Lady GaGa “Something about my cool Pittsburgh guy….” example, describe a time when an advertising campaign did a compelling job appealing to you as a member of a targeted market segment. 

The purest form of targeted marketing I encounter frequently is merchandise. For this example, I am referring to merchandise sold at concerts. I’m an avid concert-goer, and I have also purchased t-shirts and other merchandise depicting the artist I saw during the concert. This is targeted marketing because the merch stand capitalizes on the market segment of the fans of the artist performing, as it is assumed that if someone’s at the concert, they like the artist. I fall into this market segment, and every time I’ve gone to a concert, I’ve paid a premium for merchandise for one of these stands, solely for the retention of the memory of the concert.

Negative Advertising Experience in a Targeted Market Segment: Similar to the creeped-out reaction I am having to the LenCrafters’ office sending me a fake optometry appointment notice for August 6, 2019 (which is actually an attempt to target me as a returning customer segment of the LensCrafters in Ross Park Mall), describe a time when an advertising campaign really missed the mark while trying to appeal to you as a member of a targeted market segment.

The first instance that comes to mind when I think of an advertising agency missing the mark was when I started receiving a large number of emails from Victor O’Neill Studios. This company is responsible for taking the senior photos for my high school. Their target market segment for this example is graduating high school seniors and their families. The advertising worked initially, as my family purchased some senior photos. However, the studio continues to send me emails to this day offering discounts on the graduation photos they took of me. I have long since unsubscribed from the mailing list, but this doesn’t stop the onslaught of “20% off last call” emails that continue to flood my inbox.

Other Examples Like This?:  Based on our review of market segmentation and your examples of positive and negative experiences in target market campaigns, how will you approach market segmentation in your future professional roles?

The knowledge of market segments is crucial to the marketing role. From a managerial perspective, understanding market segments allow a manager to tailor their services to attract a certain customer base. Nearly every business is supported by a market segment, and whether they take a general market approach or targeted market approach, this knowledge of market segments is necessary for managers to have. Market segments give insight into a firm’s customer base, making them an effective tool for both maximization and creating shared value.