Vertucci – July 15 – Student Entrepreneurship

Micah Toll – Student Entrepreneur:  Based on what you see in the 5:36 video on Micah, how does his background and training as an undergraduate engineering student influence his entrepreneurial activities (i.e. how is an engineering student like Micah a good fit for an independent business-related activity)?

The background of being an engineer assists Micah in becoming an entrepreneur because innovation is closely related to both engineering and independent business-related activities. An engineer innovates when an idea in the mind or on paper essentially comes to life. Similarly, an entrepreneur is innovative when a business idea, whether a product or service, is introduced to consumers. Therefore, with the background and training as an engineer, Micah can use his knowledge of innovation as a basis for his entrepreneurship activities.

Pitt Business Students as Entrepreneurs:  Now – thinking about how this video/topic could apply to you – how will your background and training as an undergraduate business student influence your entrepreneurial activities (i.e. how is a business student a good fit for an independent business-related activity?)  

My background as an undergraduate business student will influence my entrepreneurial activities because the basic knowledge needed to become an entrepreneur will be learned through the next four years. The abundance of courses in the College of Business Administration, such as classes related to marketing, economics, and finance, will provide an understanding of the business world. By understanding the world of business, I will be able to develop a product or service that is in high demand. I will also be able to manage my money for the business through learning about finance and accounting. The courses in college will provide the information necessary to become an entrepreneur.

Other Examples Like This?:  So – if you have the opportunity to work with student entrepreneurs like Micah (either as a peer or as their boss/manager one day) – what support would you give them to get them to fully develop their talents/skills?

Given the opportunity to support a student entrepreneur, I would ensure the student is utilizing their strongest set of skills and improving their other business-related skills. The student should certainly use their natural talents and receive more training when needed. For example, if the student is an artist trying to create their own business, I would tell the student to use their artistic ability. The student could maybe produce and sell a product that is in high demand, like coffee mugs or jewelry. I would insist the student receive more training to become a complete expert in their field. In addition, I would help the student develop their communication, networking, marketing, and problem-solving skills, all important skills for a leader to possess. I believe a good mixture of natural skills and business skills would help the student entrepreneur be successful.