July 16, 2019 – Is the Natural Environment a Stakeholder?

MCE/MCE+1 – Blog Post Prompt – July 16, 2019 – Is the Natural Environment a Stakeholder?

Your Name: Connor Damon

The Natural Environment is a Stakeholder of Business Actors: Based on what you see in the first 4:40 of the Pittsburgh video, how is the natural environment a stakeholder of business actors? Remember – stakeholders affect and are affected by a business actor’s activities.

It is difficult to not consider the natural environment to be a stakeholder of many business actors, as the necessity of energy and electricity in the modern era is directly dependent on the environment itself. As we witnessed in the video, for a large portion of the previous two centuries, businesses and corporations have been built around and powered by the soft coal industry. The modernizing business world relied on the abundance of coal that existed in the Pittsburgh area, evidence of the environment having an affect on business actors. Consequently, the industrialization of Pittsburgh and other cities increased the amount of smog and elevated the carbon footprint of these urban areas, likewise creating a direct averse affect on the environment itself.

Challenges to the Idea of the Natural Environment as a Stakeholder : Based on the two sections in the Mother of Slow Food video, what are the limitations to the argument that the natural environment is a stakeholder of business actors?

The limitations that oppose the argument for the natural environment being a stakeholder for business actors are surrounded by the idea that being environmentally friendly, thanks to pricing and perception of quality of living/eating, is a luxury and some actors are unfortunately unable to afford to aid the environment. As we saw with the Mother of Slow Food, the process of buying and cooking locally sourced and grown produce and meals is tedious and inherently luxurious. In the modern age, it is difficult for anyone to find the resources to be able to eat in the sustainiable way that Alice Waters does, whether that be time, money, or simply access to organic foods. In the end, the argument really depends on the idea that business can be conducted without regards to or concerns about environmental impact.

Other Examples Like This?: As a future manager facing complex environments, where do you see this debate over the degree to which the natural environment is a stakeholder coming up in the future?

Personally, I believe that the natural environment, especially in today’s world, is certainly a stakeholder in businesses now, and I expect that the environment’s stake in business will only grow in the future. Thanks to enivronmentalism and activism, organic and

environmentally friendly foods and goods are the mainstream and have become increasingly more affordable. In terms of the future, the imposing danger of climate change and global warming will only continue to increase, so the environment’s affect on businesses and businesses’ affects on the environment will continue to be a controversial topic; however, in a perfectly idealistic world, we as the human race will eventually have to embrace the truth in the dangers posing our natural world and come to an agreement over the true fate of the natural environment as a stakeholder of business