Supporting Student Entrepreneurship

Micah Toll – Student Entrepreneur: Based on what you see in the 5:36 video on Micah, how does his background and training as an undergraduate engineering student influence his entrepreneurial activities (i.e. how is an engineering student like Micah a good fit for an independent business-related activity)? 

Micah’s background as a curious child with a desire to learn about, manipulate, and innovate objects and mechanisms is the foundation of his entrepreneurial activities. He is inspired to make things better in the world, and not afraid to tackle challenges that may appear impossible. His ambitious efforts to improve an age-old field like construction, followed by his success, illustrate the power of his drive and fearlessness. As an undergrad, he is at the most flexible and exploratory period in his life. With the advantage of an academic and supportive environment accompanied by trained staff promoting his ambitions and giving him the tools he needs in the classroom, Micah was able to take his talents out of the classroom to achieve real world experience. By following his childhood passions and combining them with the knowledge and environment provided by his university, Micah has been able to make a difference in the world as an entrepreneur. 

Pitt Business Students as Entrepreneurs: Now – thinking about how this video/topic could apply to you – how will your background and training as an undergraduate business student influence your entrepreneurial activities (i.e. how is a business student a good fit for an independent business-related activity?) 

As an undergrad business student, I am already experiencing the explosion of new opportunities available to me. I have always been an ambitious adolescent and started a large sustainability project in my school district with this passion. Similar to Micah, I believe I can transfer this energy and confidence in taking on the daunting while being an undergrad here at Pitt. As a student, I will expand my knowledge in many fields, but most importantly business. Additionally, I will gain the even more important experience of becoming independent and making my own in the professional world, accumulating experience along the way. By taking advantage of Pitt’s advising, study abroad programs, and countless other career placement opportunities, I will develop both the knowledge and wisdom to combine with my enthusiasm, ideally aiding me in independent business-related activities. 

Other Examples Like This?: So – if you have the opportunity to work with student entrepreneurs like Micah (either as a peer or as their boss/manager one day) – what support would you give them to get them to fully develop their talents/skills? 

I believe it is imperative to give unconditional support to the general dream or goal of entrepreneur like Micah. Giving someone faith in themselves will promote a much more positive work environment and possibly lead to great successes for both of us. However, some ideas and plans about solving issues and achieving these lofty dreams may be entirely unrealistic. As a boss or coworker, I think honest, logical advice about the plausibility of the specific idea is important. This legitimizes my opinion and guides the entrepreneur in a direction that is beneficial for both of you. With the addition of the overarching moral support, tactical financial and logistic support would be most effective. This will maintain moral and relationships while ensuring the best possible financial future for the entrepreneur and myself.