Micah Toll – The Spirit of Innovation

Micah Toll – Student Entrepreneur:  Based on what you see in the 5:36 video on Micah, how does his background and training as an undergraduate engineering student influence his entrepreneurial activities (i.e. how is an engineering student like Micah a good fit for an independent business-related activity)?

Micah seems to have a background suited for entrepreneurial endeavors because of his passion for creation. Starting from a young age, Micah had a predisposition to creative engineering, which allowed him to create this revolutionary product.

Pitt Business Students as Entrepreneurs:  Now – thinking about how this video/topic could apply to you – how will your background and training as an undergraduate business student influence your entrepreneurial activities (i.e. how is a business student a good fit for an independent business-related activity?)  

Although I lack the engineering background and inherit creativity that Micah possesses, being a business student, I have ambition to do great things that will help me in my business endeavors. I have an idea of what I want to do and how I can help people with my areas of expertise that will undoubtedly aid me in my business career.

Other Examples Like This?:  So – if you have the opportunity to work with student entrepreneurs like Micah (either as a peer or as their boss/manager one day) – what support would you give them to get them to fully develop their talents/skills?

With my area of interest, I would be able to help manage assets for entrepreneurs like Micah and help their companies grow. I want to go into wealth management, either commercial or personal, which can be an invaluable resource for budding entrepreneurs.