Environment and Industry

The Natural Environment is a Stakeholder of Business Actors:  Based on what you see in the first 4:40 of the Pittsburgh video, how is the natural environment a stakeholder of business actors?  Remember – stakeholders affect and are affected by a business actor’s activities.

The environment can be a major stockholder in business and industry due to the profound effects industry can cause. The burning of coal and refinement of steel created smog and haze about the city of Pittsburgh in the early and mid-1900s. Because soft coal was easily available and cheap in the Pittsburgh region, despite the profound smoke produced, it was widely used by most households and almost every industry as a cheap source of energy to heat homes and produce steel, the negative affects of which caused major flooding and pollution. This made the city less desirable to live in, and caused a heat cap from which pollution could not escape.

Challenges to the Idea of the Natural Environment as a Stakeholder :  Based on the two sections in the Mother of Slow Food video, what are the limitations to the argument that the natural environment is a stakeholder of business actors?

The food industry has evolved over the years to make healthier food more readily available to not just people of elite classes, but also the common man. This, in turn, has lessened the affect the food industry has had upon the environment. With the impact of processed food becoming less and less of an issue due to changing tastes, the environment has become a non-factor in the food industry. If the environment is impacted less by an industry, it has a diminishing stake in how the industry operates.

Other Examples Like This?:  As a future manager facing complex environments, where do you see this debate over the degree to which the natural environment is a stakeholder coming up in the future? 

With climate change and pollution becoming a daily issue in the words of Americans, the change in the food industry is welcome, and cleaner fuels will help to ease these problems. I think that the industry should have stake in the environment, as it provides resources for industry. The environment will also be seen as having stake in industry because of the profound effects industry can have upon it.