Shared Value

Shared Value – People/Planet/Profit:  The shared value approach to analysis for business decision-makers has a conceptual focus through perspectives like the “Triple Bottom Line” – in which a manager reviews how a business model addresses issues of People, Planet and Profit.  Based on what you see in the 55 second video on Thread International, how is Thread’s business model reflective of People, Planet and Profit:

The video on Thread’s website shows that Thread follows the “triple bottom line” model by helping to eliminate waste from the world and cleaning up communities to make a profit. This business model takes care of the planet and the people living on it by cleaning areas with too much plastic waste and transforming this garbage into profit.

Shared Value – Social/Economic/Environmental :  The shared value perspective to analysis for business decision-makers through measurement approaches like documenting Social Sustainability, Economic Sustainability and Environmental Sustainability.  Based on what you see in the 55 second video on Thread International (also on the website), how does Thread International demonstrate its impact in one (or more) of these areas:

Thread demonstrates impact on all three of these areas with what they do. There is a social benefit to cleaning up disadvantaged areas of the world, the cleansing of which also supports a healthy environment. They demonstrate economic sustainability by making money from literal garbage. They pick up trash and make that into money, which I think is pretty cool.

Other Examples Like This?:  As a future manager facing complex environments, where do you see the utility of either of these approaches to shared value in your future work? 

Triple bottom line has a lot of value in pleasing constituents while also creating a sustainable business model. With this approach, businesses must think about what the stakeholders want from company and what will help the planet be a better place. If both of those aspects are thought of, and the business model is secure in creating revenue, the business will no doubt turn a profit.