Tech 4 Humanity

The Market for Assistive Technologies and Commercial Development:  The attached article on the market for assistive technologies has some bold predictions about commercial opportunities.  Given your interest in business (i.e. finance, accounting, marketing, global management, etc.), what commercial opportunity in assistive technologies stands out for you?

With my interest in bio and finance, I am excited by the possible development and business behind spinal revitalization technologies. The ability to help permanently correct the central nervous system of a paralyzed individual would be an incredible opportunity for business and humanity. It would be the ideal solution for the patients, who would regain near natural motion. This appeal would help the business side, making this innovation exceptionally profitable. From a finance perspective, it would be an interesting technology to sell considering its life-giving benefits.

The Market for Assistive Technologies and Social Impact: The article also offers us a glimpse of some of the social impacts that are possible through an attention to the development of this market.  What specific positive social impact is likely/possible if the market continues to develop?

As the market develops, normal lives can be given to those who lost them or never had them. The ability to live as freely as most of us do is a gift from which these people have been stripped. This impact is truly immeasurable. We can quantify how many people are helped, but changing a life for the better is truly everything. Improving lives through biotech, which is sometimes under the umbrella of assistive technologies. Aiding in the development, production, and financing of these products resonates with me because it is interesting, lucrative, and helpful for many individuals.

Other Examples Like This?:  Based on our review of the market for assistive technologies as an area of opportunities for commercial development and opportunities for social impact, what other types of markets (likely in areas related to people, planet and profit) offer opportunities for commercial development and social impact?  

A market similar to that of assistive technologies is agricultural technology. It is rapidly developing similar to AT. These types of tech also provide great economic and social opportunities. Economically, these innovations help produce more, quality food. This helps feed the growing population of the world with better, healthier food. Being able to produce these quantities and qualities will aid both the industry and the world as a whole.