67 days and many memories later

As my last week closes out, I can’t believe that I’ve been in Ireland for 9 weeks already. Time really flew and it doesn’t feel like that much time has passed since I first got off the plane and landed in Dublin airport. Just when I’d gotten used to and started fitting into the city, it’s time to go. I really do wish I could stay a little longer instead of going back to normal life back home. But, as staying longer isn’t a possibility, I spent my last week doing many of the things I would miss once I was back home. The last week was very cooperative and full of beautiful sunny weather instead of the usual rain. I enjoyed more ice cream and naps in the park, along with listening to more musicians while walking up and down Grafton street. As I look back on my internship and review the things I could’ve done differently, I realize that the way I was given feedback was very different than the way feedback is given in the States. In western culture, feedback is very direct and to the point, while in Ireland, feedback was given in a somewhat jumbled paragraph. It wasn’t direct and it was more like a story in that there was extra fluff. This roundabout way of saying things is very common for many things in Ireland. Due to the indirect way of saying things, context clues are extremely important to understand the main meaning of the message. Context clues are used in and out of the office when abroad. One example of context clues being used out of the office stems from the different vocabulary and phrases used in Ireland. Instead of saying “how are you?”, they say “how are you getting on?”. At first, this made no sense to me, but once the person repeated it, I understood the question based on the conversation before and the situation I was in. Context clues are crucial for understanding what a person means to say, whether it’s in a relaxed setting or a work setting where feedback is being given.

Along with learning more about context clues, there is so much I’ve learned from being abroad. Although many are skills that I could’ve learned from an internship back home, I think the most important and interesting part was learning about different perspectives. That is something that is not so available at a different internship back home. There are so many ways that I can apply what I have learned to future studies and job endeavors. Until next time…..bye!