Goodbye Strangers

My last week in Ireland was great but also quite sad. I went out with friends several times to enjoy the last week. We had a great time spending time with each other and enjoying the great city that is Dublin. For my last day at work my coworkers took me and the other intern out to breakfast. I had a bagel. They asked me about the differences between the two cultures and I did not have much to say. I am from a very Irish family so I saw a lot of what I see from my family. It was a very sad last week. It was also quite boring at work. I switched departments for the last two weeks but I don’t think that the department that I was in knew I was in it so they did not give me very much work at all, despite me asking for it.

In other news I enjoy being back in the greatest country God ever created, the USA. I also love being back in the beautiful city of Philadelphia with the delicious hoagies from Wawa. I sure miss those whilst I am at Pitt. After returning home I started work the Monday following returning and it was quite different. I work at the YMCA which is quite different from RCSI. I am no longer in accounts payable, but now I am a counselor for the Ranger boys (I know, quite official). Life at home is pretty good. I enjoy seeing all the friends that I missed the whole summer and seeing the family, but I know I will miss my friends that I made in Ireland and I will miss the country as well. It was a blast and I wouldn’t give up that experience for the world.

I think what I am going to miss most about IIP are the weekend trips. I was a ton of fun to go on a bunch of short trips to different countries to see these beautiful places that have so much to offer and so much to see. It was also fun traveling with friends and getting to see the sights. I personally loved seeing the alps in Switzerland. It is amazing all the beautiful sights on God’s green earth. It was quite serene and indescribable. What was amazing was flying over it made it seem so small and yet when you get up close to them they make you feel so small. I also thought about how the town pales in comparison to the mountains. I also wished it was winter time and that I could ski because it seemed like one of the greatest places to ski on the planet. I highly recommend Engelberg Switzerland for anyone looking to see the sights or go on an insane ski trip.

Another thing that I am going to miss are the people that I went on the trip with. I met a lot of great and fascinating people whilst on this trip and it was a pleasure to get to spend a good amount of time with each of them. I will get to see them at pitt, but it wont be the same.

I also enjoyed hearing about American politics whilst abroad. It was weird hearing people from a different culture talk about politics of my country and me not knowing anything about their’s. I would hear a lot of the same stuff that I hear at home, but they were less worried about it because it doesn’t impact them as much as it does us. I was also asked a lot about my opinion on our current president and about certain policies that our country puts in place. I heard one American say that she was a trump supporter and they didn’t seem to react as offended as most Americans would, which I found interesting. In order to keep up with their questioning me about our politics I researched their politics and I would ask them questions about their’s (a little tit for tat game to keep them on their toes). Anyway, I very much enjoyed my stay in Ireland, I would say that I will go back one day but that is unlikely, because there is just so much of the world to explore. And with limited resources such as money and time, it will be difficult to fit it in. So farewell you small island, I had an wonderful time.

I am very excited to go back to pitt and to see all my old friends, but I can’t say I won’t miss Dublin because I will tremendously.