Moher Food

Cliffs of Moher/Galway:  Give us your observations on what stood out to you during your tour of the Cliffs of Moher and the City of Galway.

The Cliffs of Moher are one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen. Comparable to the Grand Canyon in magnitude, the cliffs stretch for kilometers and are up to 240 meters above the water below. Although I was impressed by the beauty and size of the cliffs, one thing that threw me off was the sheer force of the wind there. The wind was, at times, strong enough to blow me over. With certain death lying at the base of the cliffs, one should be weary of the strength of the wind when approaching for photos.

FoodCloud: In preparation for your site visit to FoodCloud, this organization has a deep commitment to supporting the local food system in Ireland.  Just from reading the article, it resembles an organization in Pittsburgh, 412 Food Rescue, which supports the local food system in Pittsburgh through an emphasis on reducing food waste through food recovery and distributing excess food to local food banks.  Based on your quick review of the article on FoodCloud, identify one commercial opportunity and one commercial challenge they are addressing in their efforts to support local food systems.

The greatest opportunity for FoodCloud right now is the partnership they signed with Nestle. Nestle, being a massive, international company, will be able to provide opportunities for expansion to the startup, and FoodCloud will surely grow as a result of the partnership. Nestle will also be paying FoodCloud for the surplus collection, which means FoodCloud will be able to hire more employees and expand their facilities. The greatest challenge facing FoodCloud is the aspect of expanding their reach from just Ireland and the UK to the rest of Europe, and even the rest of the world. If FoodCloud is successful in its operations here, it will surely try to expand to foreign markets, which will take huge amounts of time, planning, and funding.

Questions For The Site Visit:  Finally, acting as members of consulting teams that might choose to write a group paper about the commercial opportunities and challenges connected to FoodCloud, what specific questions do you have about the business model for FoodCloud that relate to our course material (Triple Bottom Line and sustainability, market segmentation, maximization versus shared value, etc.)?  Give us a specific question for tomorrow’s visit.

What does FoodCloud do to create opportunities for people that it helps to create their own means of getting food and becoming self-reliant?