As you start your studies in Pitt Business, you will see that a great deal of emphasis is placed on your professional development.  A big part of this is the process of networking and actively following up with professional contacts to generate opportunities for professional development in the future.  This blog post from Pitt Business Career Services has several recent Pitt Business alumni who each recorded their observations about working in careers that are related to things we have done in Ireland (e.g., an alum from SalesForce – a company that was mentioned several times in our DocuSign visit, Katie Hazelbach – a CPLE graduate who works in the business of sports – currently with the Minnesota Timberwolves NBA team and a few others – including a few who work on digital platforms).  Watch one of these videos and make a case as to how you could/will reach out to one of these alum to talk about what they currently do in relation to something that you have done on this trip.

I think LinkedIn is an effective and efficient way to reach out to individuals in any industry. In this case, I would reach out to Max Kneis, an associate with the Boston Consulting Group in Atlanta. I would like to get more information about what exactly consulting is from someone within the industry. I never thought consulting would be an area of interest for me, but during our trip to Ireland, we visited a company called DocuSign and my group decided to write our final paper about it. This project delved slightly into the field of consulting in the sense that we analyzed various aspects of the company to figure out a course of action they could follow to either pursue an opportunity or overcome a challenge. Overall, I am still trying to figure out which area of business I would like to pursue, so I think the best way to figure that out is by talking to people within the different realms of business, especially alumni of Pitt’s business school.