That’s a Wrap!

Professionally, I learned about how business operate outside of the U.S. as well as how easily they interact with other companies across Europe.  I was also extremely impressed by the high amount of innovative power within the Docklands.  Furthermore, I was able to network and make valuable connections through Professor Darren Kelly and other employees at internationally renown companies such as Google and DocuSign that could prove to be useful in the future.

Personally, my first time traveling abroad truly gave me a wonderful new experience.  It helped develop my social, business, and networking skills.  Additionally, traveling to Ireland showed me how to adapt and react to a new country and culture that I have never been exposed to before.  I was even able to create memories with friends that I will never forget, and I know that we will always stay connected throughout our lives and careers.  We will always remember the Haller Global Honors Fellows.