August 10, 2019 – Final Reflections

As we leave Ireland, let’s focus on takeaways for your personal and professional development from the Ireland part of the course.

In terms of professional development, maybe it was a company or organization that you enjoyed seeing and might want to work with again or perhaps one of the contacts you met on the various visits.  What is your professional development takeaway from your time spent in the Ireland part of the course?

In terms of personal/social development, maybe it was activities at Griffith College, the various tours of Irish culture or the people you have met – what is your personal development takeaway from the Ireland part of the course?

In terms of professionalism, the value of hard work stuck with me.  We met a lot of business professionals who were from places we thought were unusual for a successful person.  Some were from farms in rural Ireland and worked their way through school and persevered to land a job and thrive in their positions.  Another professional we met was from California.  This really stuck with me because I feel I am in a similar situation.  She traveled a long way from home to pursue success and I am excited to do the same as I leave Mississippi for Pittsburgh.

Personally, I was impressed by the people we met.  Not just at site visits, but within our own program.  The other Fellows are outstanding people, as well as some of the brightest business students.  It has been an amazing month bonding with this group, Brad Miner, and Professor Jones.  Both in Pittsburgh and Dublin, we created friends and memories that will stick with us throughout our lives.