August 10, 2019 – Development

As we leave Ireland, let’s focus on takeaways for your personal and professional development from the Ireland part of the course.

In terms of professional development, maybe it was a company or organization that you enjoyed seeing and might want to work with again or perhaps one of the contacts you met on the various visits.  What is your professional development takeaway from your time spent in the Ireland part of the course?

In terms of personal/social development, maybe it was activities at Griffith College, the various tours of Irish culture or the people you have met – what is your personal development takeaway from the Ireland part of the course?

My biggest professional takeaway from the Ireland portion of this course was from the visit to DocuSign. I thought that this visit in particular was extremely interesting because DocuSign’s business as a leader in the electronic document processing and signing market was something I had never really heard of before the visit. I think it is interesting that a small start-up like DocuSign can blossom into a multi-billion-dollar organization in less than 20 years.

My biggest personal takeaway from this portion of the course was that I can finally say that I have travelled outside of the United States and experience a new culture. It was such an interesting experience to witness the different areas of Ireland from urban Dublin to rural Glendalough, and I feel like I now definitely have a more rounded view of Ireland than before I came.