My Time in Dublin

My time in Dublin taught me a lot about a wide variety of different things. I got to experience a bunch of different cultures, I got to spend time in an office, and I got to experience what it was like going out on my own for the first time (in a much different sense then when I went to college.

During my time at Pitt I have learned a lot about business and my different majors. I always hear about what specifically I will be doing when I go do my major in a job setting and my internship in Ireland actually allowed me to experience that. I got to process invoices and look at expenses for the accounts payable team, I got to work with a few different systems in the payroll team, and I got a lot of excel experience with the general ledger team. It was great seeing my work in the classroom translate into an actual work setting. It was also a lot of fun getting to know my coworkers and working along side them. While in Dublin I also got to spend time with friends from Pitt and had a great time with them.

During this trip to Ireland I also got to see a bunch of other cultures by traveling on the weekends. I went to London, the Netherlands, and Switzerland where I got to see and experience cultures that were very different from my own. It was extraordinarily interesting seeing how people live in different cultures. What surprises me is that while these cultures seemed very different from my own, I know that Europe is a lot like the U.S. and that there are cultures that are much more different than anything you can find in Europe.

I also enjoyed being out on my own in a much different sense than when I first went to college. When I went to Switzerland, I decided to go by myself. I always thought that most people in all European countries spoke a lot of english, however, that was not the case in Switzerland. I had multiple language barrier problems from the start and not having any friends there and my parents weren’t a four hour drive away like they are when I’m at Pitt, that made me feel like I was really on my own for the first time.

The growth that I saw in myself personally came from all the different trips that I took and seeing a little bit of the world. It really makes you feel small when you go to a huge city across the world and see how they live life. It makes a lot of personal issues seem quite insignificant. How I grew professionally is what I learned about office educate and how an office runs. I never got to work in an office before this internship and it was a great experience to do it in Dublin. Lastly, the way I grew academically is through seeing my work in the classroom translate into an actual work environment. It was very interesting to see that and it really motivates me to see that and I know that will encourage me to want to learn more in my classes.

The entire trip was a great experience for me and I am very blessed to have had this opportunity to do this. I appreciate all the work done by the study abroad office, Eusa, and Shanowen square. They are the ones that made this trip great and a ton of fun. I am also thankful for RCSI and all my coworkers. They made my work experience wonderful. They were all very helpful and wonderful. They taught me a lot about work life balance and gave me a lot of suggestions for fun things to do in Dublin and fun places to go in Europe. Lastly, I would like to thank my scholarship donor Paul W. Hillier, Jr. This scholarship is a tremendous help to me financially, especially being a poor college student, and I appreciate it tremendously. It allowed me the financial breathing room to see some other countries in Europe which was a fantastic experience.

While I did have a great time in Dublin it is great to be back in the US. I love seeing my friends from high school and I am very excited to get back to Pitt and get back to the classroom. I hope that I can use all these experiences in my internship and travels in the classroom. We will see!