The Daily Grind, Ground Beef!

I chose to intern at Heartland Brothers this summer because I wanted a marketing internship in the food industry. They import and fabricate beef and pork which comes from farms in the Midwest of the US. When consulting with our internship coordinator, I also heard that they always make lunch in the office, and if I wasn’t sold before that I was then.

I had no clue what to expect from the internship; I wasn’t sure what exactly I would be doing yet and I didn’t know what to anticipate working in a completely different culture. My first day I was a little nervous, but as I was still working out how to get to work, I was more focused on the commute until I was standing outside the office. I wasn’t sure what to do until my supervisor pulled up on a moped (which are very common in China especially on the sidewalks!) and he led me into the temporary-office which was actually an apartment. I met the team of 7 and immediately sat down to have lunch with them, which went over pretty quietly because I wasn’t sure if anyone spoke English besides my supervisor, and my Chinese is not that strong. However, one of the women from sales asked me a few questions, I relaxed, and then spent the day learning about the company. This led into my big project which I was assigned to for the two months—a research project on the various sub-primal and fabricated cuts of the chuck primal.

Snapshots from my project!

Most days at work I would research this cut and various preparations of it. I started out by inputting everything into one big spreadsheet but found that it was getting too clunky to read so I decided to put everything in a booklet where everything would be more organized. I had a lot of fun designing it out and filling it up with all of the information I could find everything from the Chuck Tender which actually isn’t tender, to Flat Iron Steaks, Short Ribs, and more. 


My best day at work actually took place outside of the office and in a butcher shop. I was originally just supposed to meet my supervisor there so he could take a look at my progress with my project, but when I walked in I asked if they needed any help, and so I got to make ground beef with them. I loved getting out of the office and doing something hands on like that, and I’m grateful for all of the other experiences I had through this internship as well.