Introduction ISA Madrid

My name is Casey Eisenberg and I am a third-year student at Pitt with a major in Business Information Systems Major, a minor in Spanish and a certificate in International Business. I am a part of Alpha Kappa Psi, a professional business fraternity where I served as IT chair for my second and third semester. I am also a part of the club hockey team which practices twice per week and has two games on weekends. Hockey has been a part of my life as long as I can remember, my dad put me on skates at a very early age and I have played ever since (Go Blackhawks). In my free time I love to listen to podcasts such as the Joe Rogan Experience as well as hang out with my friends. Professionally I have had two internships, one at Timber Hill Group working in the industrial real estate sector and last summer I was an intern at Medline Industries in the healthcare product industry. My goal is to go into IT consulting in the future and eventually become a senior consultant or even CIO. I leaned toward this career path because it seemed to give me the opportunity to work with technology and travel around for work. From my internships I have learned that I hate stagnation and prefer to have a more variable job. This stems from my love for travel and seeing new things. Before my program I had traveled to Central America, India, England and Israel so I really wanted to explore Europe more and see some of the great history that they have here. The program I chose is called Business, International Studies & Communication Courses with Locals in English and is taught at the University of Carlos III. I chose Spain as my location because I wanted to improve my Spanish but still be able to travel around Europe, so Spain was pretty much my only option. The two cities that I was debating between in Spain were Madrid and Barcelona. I ended up choosing Madrid because I am not familiar with the Spanish dialect that they speak in Barcelona. At the university I am taking Spanish History, Managerial Accounting, Terrorism (Class taught in Spanish) and Media Technology. I chose these classes to give me a wide variety of cultural information about Spain including its economy, history and politics. These classes should also hopefully improve my Spanish skills as well as provide me with more skills that I can use in my future internships/jobs. Personally, I would like to get really immersed in Spanish culture. From late meals to nap times during the day it sounds like the Spaniards have a lifestyle that could better suit me. I would like to meet some locals and make some international friends to travel with since I am coming here with nobody that I know. Along with hockey I also enjoy following soccer so I would love to go to a few games while in Madrid. I am very excited for this experience and what I will learn from it.

Hail to Pitt!