From the Classroom to Germany!

Hello, my name is Dayna Sepulveda or shall I say Ich heiße Dayna. I am a Junior, currently pursuing a triple major in Marketing, Supply Chain, and Information Systems with a minor in Studio Arts. My parents both immigrated to America from the Dominican Republic, but I was actually born in New York City and I currently live in Allentown, Pa. Some of my interests include art. The reasoning behind my major is my love for art, especially drawing and realism. I also love musicals, my favorite being In the Heights, Lin- Manuel Miranda’s, the creator of Hamilton, first musical. Outside of my personal interests, I spend a lot of time exploring Pittsburgh with my friends, especially enjoying all the free access to museums Pitt students have. I am also into shopping and will constantly entice my roommates to go to the mall with me. My roommates and I also enjoy astrology, I am a Cancer sun, Virgo rising and a Capricorn moon. Some of my other interests include graphic design, which I feel could be useful when trying to think of deliverables for the company we are consulting.

Since being a student at the University of Pittsburgh, I’ve been able to be involved in many organizations. My freshmen year I was a part of the musical theatre club and helped put on the entirely student run, zero-funded, performance of Legally Blonde. In that club we also did other productions such as the 24-hour musical, where we would only have 24 hours to put on an entire show and seeing shows around the city. I am also a member of the Latinx Student Association. Since the founding of this club in 2018 we’ve been able to put on two Hispanic Heritage month celebrations and advocate for Latinos across the city of Pittsburgh. I am also a member of the business fraternity, Phi Gamma Nu. In this organization, I have been the marketing chair for the entire 2019 year. I created many graphics, videos, and other forms of media as my position to help spread awareness of our organization. As the marketing chair I was also in chair of every social media account PGN had and would post weekly about the members and their accomplishments. Lastly, I am involved in the Roberto Clemente Minority Student Association (RCMBA). Through all of my organizations I’ve been able to meet, network, and form friendships with many people. While at Pitt I was also able to do the Plus 3 study abroad program in China. This program was based on the smartphone industry in China, where we were able to meet with executives from various companies on site visits. During the trip we also saw many cultural sites such as the Great Wall and Forbidden City. It was only two weeks, but it was a great program for freshmen who were interested in studying abroad and was directly after the spring semester ended so it left lots of time for taking classes over the summer.

Besides my various clubs, I’ve also had many opportunities to grow professionally through my work experience. The summer after my freshmen year of college I was able to work for a marketing firm called Advantage Solutions. The job was mostly me trying to entice consumers to try our various client product offerings and hopefully get them to buy them. Last summer, I had a management internship at Kohl’s. This internship taught me a lot about being a leader and understanding how to lead others. Some of the most valuable lessons I took were that if you feel you could be doing a job better than the person you delegated it to then that means you should go back and train them to troubleshoot and help them become better versus just doing the task yourself. I also learned a lot about the analytics and numbers used to tell the success of retail stores and helped with the Amazon returns launch. That same summer I was also involved in a CVS Health externship for supply chain. Through this program I was able to meet students from all across the country while also learning some valuable tips about supply chain. After my numerous encounters with retail, I decided that I would enjoy staying with retail and looking for more opportunities. For the summer of 2020, I have secured a merchandising internship with Dick’s Sporting Goods that I am extremely excited for.

There were many things that drew me into taking this course. Academically, I needed another marketing elective to complete my required coursework and had always been interested in taking the Projects in Marketing class offered. I knew many seniors, last spring semester who did the course and said the experience was incredible. One thing about the course that excited me was working with real clients and being able to take on consulting head-on. When I learned about this new course offered, I decided to definitely take on the opportunity, especially since we would be working with a German client. This would also help me professionally, because I hope to be able to work with international clients in my career. Having the opportunity to work with one now with some expert guidance is definitely a great way to start my career endeavors. Additionally, my advisor has spoken highly of Meade Johnson and recommended meeting with her at one point to get advice on my marketing career. When I saw that she was offering to teach an entire marketing course, I knew that it was an opportunity I should not miss out on. Personally, I was drawn to the ability to study abroad and be able to go to Germany. I’ve never visited Europe and wanted to take another opportunity to study abroad. Financially, a semester long trip would never be affordable for me, so I wanted to explore my options on shorter programs. When this trip became available, I decided to take this opportunity right away. It was exactly what I was looking for.

I’m super excited for this journey. We’ve only began this class three weeks ago and I already feel as if I’ve learned so much about consulting. I can’t want to see what deliverables my team and I will suggest for our company and see our continual improvement as consultants as we progress through this course.