Introducing Me!

My name is Bianca Reyes and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. I was born in October of 2000 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I grew up in a bilingual household where Spanish and English were spoken regularly. My father was in the U.S. Coast Guard causing my sister and I to grow up on a military base in Puerto Rico. This allowed me to grow up in a household with structure and manners. In 2008, my dad retired and got a job working for the Department of Transportation in Washington, D.C. causing us to move to Northern Virginia. Growing up with only one sibling, my sister and I developed a very strong, and irreplaceable bond with each other. Growing up on an island and then later moving to the suburbs, I wanted to experience the city lifestyle. In pursuing a higher education, the University of Pittsburgh provided me with an excellent balance of a “city school” while not giving up the typical “college campus” experience. At the University of Pittsburgh, I can explore the city of Pittsburgh while deepening my roots in the business world Pittsburgh has to offer. At Pitt, I am in the College of Business Administration. I chose to study business to follow my passion of learning how communicating and marketing efforts affect consumer decisions. Likewise, I am obtaining a minor in Economics as I am deeply interested in how the consumption of goods affects demand and prices. Additionally, I am earning a Certificate in Leadership and Ethics as well as a Certificate in Global Business.

            Throughout my experience in school, I have accumulated certain achievements in which I am proud of. To start off, I made the Dean’s list at Pitt, as well as being a Presidential Honors Recipient, both for excelling academically. Both these achievements required me to be dedicated, motivated, responsible and organized. Additionally, I have held leadership positions, like President of the Fashion Club in high school as well as being Director of Apparel for the fashion show at Pitt, which required me to have strong leadership skills as well as communication skills to be able to work efficiently with a team. Being passionate about the community, having respect for others, and upholding an appropriate image has helped me succeed in being a member of a sorority on campus, Delta Zeta. Likewise, my fairness and integrity has allowed me to monitor the disciplinary actions of members of the sorority as a member of the Judicial Board. Lastly, being elected as President for my sorority is my greatest achievement. In order to achieve this, I had to demonstrate leadership skills, organization, responsibility, communication skills, and relatability. Outside of school, I believe my relationship with my family and friends is a great achievement as I have created genuine bonds with individuals that will last a lifetime.

My goal for this class is to develop as a citizen in the business world, giving me a competitive advantage in the workplace. Career wise, my ultimate goal (as of right now, it may change) is to work as a corporate lawyer for a fashion company, or work in the field of economics. I hope to obtain a law or economics internship within the next year to begin seeing out this plan. I currently have a human resources internship for Pitt Dining where I have improved upon my organization and communication skills that I hope to take with me to my next business endeavor. Personally, I have multiple goals I want to achieve this year. Last summer, I was diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. It has inhabited my ability to perform educationally slightly but has also affected me socially as well. This year, my goal is to find pure happiness within myself, rather than looking for it in other people or things.

            Through this Service-Learning class, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of how to better engage the community as a citizen, tying community service with academics. In Service-Learning we will be working in Trinidad and Tobago with the organization called DORCA’s Women’s Group and Nature Seekers. The mission of the DORCA’s Women’s Group is to establish and expand upon an ecotourism business in Trinidad. They strive to bring more people to their small rural town of Matelot while also improving the environment around them. Tobago is considered as an environmental sanction with protections to preserve the environment there. We will also be working with the company Nature Seekers whose main mission is to help restore the beaches and conserve the leatherback turtles in the area from harm. Nature Seekers started a jewelry making business to raise money for their cause. They sell their jewelry on the online website Etsy but are looking to expand their reach which is something my group and I will be able to assist them with.

I was originally interested in this service-learning program as I have never worked with a nonprofit before and would like to gain this new opportunity. like I mentioned before I am obtaining a certificate in global business so any opportunity to study abroad and learn about new cultures is of high interest to me. Likewise, I am interested in consulting as a possible future career path and would like to gain more insight and experience within this field. personally, I believe I will develop a deeper cultural perspective as I will be surrounded by a new cultural environment and will be able to pick up on different traditions and various business practices. professionally I believe I will develop as a better team member as well as improve my communication skills since I will be working alongside fellow students as well as Trinidad business professionals. academically, I will be able to bring the experiences and knowledge I gained from this trip and apply it back to the classroom in Pittsburgh. not only will I be able to take what I’ve learned and utilize it in future business endeavors, but I will also be able to share it with my fellow classmates in discussions as well as in group assignments.