From Pittsburgh to Augsburg!

Hiya y’all!

My name is Emily Reagan and I am a senior at the University of Pittsburgh. My studies include a Marketing major, French minor, and a certificate in International Business. Academically, I am very passionate about languages and art/design. Alongside my French minor, I am also finishing up the four levels of American Sign Language (ASL). I don’t have enough time to complete the entire certificate program, but at the very minimum I am able to finish ASL levels 1-4.

I am from Beaver, Pennsylvania; which is about 45 minutes North-West of Pittsburgh (with good traffic that is!). I come from a very large family: 5 brothers, 3 sisters, and my dog Jasper! That brings my household grand total to 10 people (including me), and one very good boy. I am very used to chaos, loud noises, and constantly being busy and having to take care of others. Since I am the second oldest out of all of the children, I am basically a built in baby sitter. I often refer to my younger siblings as my kids since I played a big part in raising them while by parents were off to my one brothers hockey tournaments, wrestling matches, and whatever else events they had to go to for one of my siblings. In sum, I feel most comfortable when I am surrounded by commotion (as long as no one is bothering me too much).

During the summer of 2019, I interned under Zack Duncan at Root & Branch. I learned many skills in SEM, SEO, and content creation during my summer internship. This digital marketing internship was so impactful for me because it helped me discover what a passion I have for digital marketing. Before the summer, I wasn’t sure what segment of marketing I wanted to go into. The internship was a perfect fit for me and I enjoyed all of the work I was able to do and I learned a ton from it.

This internship was one of the reasons I decided to apply for the Global Consulting Capstone in Augsburg Germany. I wanted one last chance to chain real life marketing and consulting experience before I graduate in April of 2020. I am also excited at the chance to study abroad one last time–I have previously studied abroad in Nantes, France during the summer of 2018. I hope to develop new marketing skills and experience from working with my classmates and alongside Meade Johnson. The chance to work with an actual international company is very exhilarating: I am excited to be able to apply my knowledge and learn new concepts in order to help Manroland Goss improve and update their social media systems. I know I am going to learn so much from Meade, my classmates, and from Manroland Goss. This is a great chance to apply my degree to something that is more than just a hypothetical situation.

I am excited to continue making blog posts during this semester long project and to share the week long trip in Germany where I will get to meet the clients in person and gain a new international perspective.

Until Next Time: Auf Wiedersehen!