Bloody Hell! Welcome to London

Hi everyone! My name is Nick Grimes, and I am a Junior at University of Pittsburgh College of Business Administration. I originally Hail to Pitt from New Jersey. While at Pitt I study Marketing with a minor in Political Science. I am also a member of the Certificate in Leadership and Ethics. While on campus I spend my time working for Pitt Athletics Marketing department and as an active member of Phi Beta Lambda. In my free time, you can find me playing or watching football (soccer). I also enjoy going to various sporting events and concerts. 

This semester I am participating in the Global Business Institute program in London, England. I have always been interested in London as a major city in the business world. There are also so many cultural sites that I find fascinating as a global citizen. This made GBI: London an easy decision for me when it came to choose a study abroad experience. The GBI is a semester-long study abroad opportunity for students to learn valuable business skills in the classroom through major-specific courses, out-of-the-classroom learning opportunities, and the chance to complete an internship while in a foreign country. 

I chose this program specifically because I wanted to experience a full semester study abroad experience that opened new doors for me both academically and professionally. I wanted to immerse myself in a new culture for a long period of time, in order to adapt to living in a new environment. The Global Business Institute allowed me to advance the learning that I have done while at Pitt, while creating valuable memories that will last a lifetime. 

While in London, I will be completing different course work while completing an international internship. Academically, I am looking to improve my ability to multitask and improve my time management abilities. I am in classes with students I have never met before, so it is an interesting dynamic when it comes to our various group projects. Professionally, I hope to build important connections as well as complete various marketing projects.  I am working at a marketing agency, Simbiotik, in the Clerkenwell neighborhood of the city. Simbiotik works with clients who are looking to grow their reach through partnership opportunities. I am really excited to see how this experience compares to previous internships I have completed in the United States. I hope to gain important international business skills such as working in global teams and improving my cross-cultural communication. On a personal level, I am hoping to grow with regards to my individualism and working out of my comfort zone. While at Pitt, it is easy to fall into a routine and I wanted to branch out and explore the opportunities available to me through this university. I felt as though this study abroad experience was the perfect chance for me to learn important life skills by exploring a new place, with new people. I’m really excited to see how my time in London pans out, and I’m looking forward to what comes next!