Spain Introduction

Hi everyone!! My name is Rachel Orloff and I am currently a junior at the University of Pittsburgh. I am double majoring in Marketing and Supply Chain Managment with a certificate in Business Analytics. At school I am in a sorority, a member of CHAARG, a member of She’s the First, and I play intramural lacrosse. I’ve been taking my education from the classroom to the city through my internships both last summer and this upcoming summer. Last summer I was a data analysis intern at Johnson & Johnson on the reverse distribution team. This upcoming summer I am an operations area manager intern for Amazon. With the help of my advisors at Pitt, this semester I am able to move from the city to the world.

I am currently studying abroad through ISA at Universidad de Pablo Olavide in Sevilla, Spain. I’ve known for a while now that I was interested in studying abroad one semester, so deciding where to go was very exciting. Pitt has programs available pretty much anywhere I could possibly think of. After lots of consideration I decided that if I was already going to go outside of my comfort zone by leaving my friends and Pitt for a semester, then I might as well full send and go somewhere I can’t speak the language and know absolutely no one.

Once I was set on Spain, the hard part was deciding where in Spain: Madrid, Valencia, or Sevilla. The only way I could travel to Spain through CBA was by using the third party ISA. This was honestly a pretty great way to travel because for me, studying abroad through ISA is much less expensive than a semester at Pitt, the price includes a handful of excursions in and out of Spain, and they really provide you with a whole other level of comfort and safety that I was not expecting and didn’t realize I would need.

Now, back to choosing where to study in Spain. I was able to rule out Valencia pretty quickly because the programs end date was in June which would overlap with my internship that I already committed to. Next, I did a ton of research and made an entire powerpoint presentation for my parents on pros and cons of Madrid vs Sevilla. Eventually we settled on Sevilla and now that I have been to both Madrid and Sevilla, I am so so happy with my choice.

Through my program I want to gain more knowledge on the Spanish culture. So far it has been a complete 180º compared to living/working at home in New Jersey. I also hope to learn the language. Since I came in knowing very little Spanish, this is definitely an obtainable goal. I am also excited to take classes that I would not have the opportunity to take at Pitt, specifically international marketing. Finally, I am looking forward to making really great friendships from people all over the world. My ISA group is made up of 38 people from so many different places in the US (including both North and South Dakota).

In my next post I am going to talk about the difficulty of packing for a 4 month trip and more about Sevilla plus where I am living. This is a super exciting adventure for me and I can’t wait to continue updating my travels through blogging!

-Day 8