Cheers to Living in Sydney!

Hi everyone! My name is Emily Indof, and I’m a part of the study abroad program in Sydney Australia. I’ve been here for about 2 weeks and it is already better than I even imagined. Before I get into anything, let me tell you a little bit about myself. Currently, I am a Junior marketing and Business Information Systems major at the University of Pittsburgh. At Pitt, I am a member of the Women in Business club, Women’s club soccer team, and the Fashion Business Association. I transferred to Pitt just this past year after spending my first two years of college at Duquesne University studying general business and playing Division 1 soccer. I have lived in Greensburg Pennsylvania, just a small town about 45 minutes outside the city, my entire life. I knew that staying in Pittsburgh for school was the best fit for me. Outside of the classroom I am an adventure seeking individual. I enjoy outdoor activities such as playing sports, skiing, wake-boarding, going to concerts, driving, shopping and running. Most of my time is spent doing school work, going to the gym, and hanging out  with my friends or family. As I grow into a business professional, I find myself wanting to work for a large corporation in either the entertainment, sports, or fashion industry. My dream is to one day own my own retail clothing store in New York City.

One of the main reasons I’ve decided to study abroad in Australia is because it has been on my bucket list since I was a young girl. I always imagined visiting Australia for a few weeks but when I was given the opportunity to live here for 3 months, I knew it was something I could not pass up. Like mentioned before, I am quite the adventurous type and Australia has endless options for outdoor exploration. From the beaches, to the mountains, to the cities, to the country, Australia is an amazing place to see. Another reason that I joined this program was because of the tremendous internship opportunity. Just recently I decided to pursue a career in the field of marketing. I knew that this internship was my first opportunity to work in my field. In addition, both Pitt and CAPA work extremely hard to place their students with a company that fits their career interests. This semester, my international internship is with TEG, a live entertainment, ticketing and technology business that connects customers to sporting and entertainment experiences. I work with the both the digital marketing team and the sports team. This internship is such a great experience for me to get my feet wet in both the marketing field and the entertainment industry. I have been in Australia for a only two weeks, but I already know that this experience will help me grow as a person, as a young professional, and be the best time of my life. I can not wait to see what these next three months have in store.