From Pitt to Sydney: An Introduction to Aussie Life

Hello mate! My name is Shiv Patel and I am currently a Junior at Pitt in the College of Business Administration. I am double majoring in Finance and Marketing with a minor in Economics and a certificate in International Business. I am pursuing a study abroad program to further my understanding and knowledge of the world. More specifically, I want to take my personal knowledge and experience at Pitt and apply myself socially and academically on a broader scale. I also want to challenge myself to take the skills I have learned and be able to not only live, but study and work in a foreign environment with different kinds of people. The study abroad experience will allow me to grow and optimize my undergraduate experience in multiple ways, such as the courses I would be taking abroad, living independently, and also as an intern with a local Australian company. All three of these experiences will help create a foundation of knowledge and shape my perspective of the business world. Three objectives I wish to accomplish in Sydney is to successfully assimilate into a new culture and learn different traditions, customs, etc. Another objective is to explore different career opportunities that are offered abroad, while networking with professionals that can offer advice and help me in terms of career opportunities once I leave Pitt. The last objective is to be able to find new interests and hobbies while also becoming independent, as that is crucial to personal development. My opinion on the study abroad program is that it is more important than solely just the courses you are taking abroad, and more about the social aspect by interacting with professionals and different people you encounter abroad.

After speaking with staff in the study abroad office at Pitt, I came to the realization that given my major (Finance / Marketing), Sydney is a great opportunity for me as it is a hub for finance and capital markets. This program also gave me a sense of comfort in going abroad, as it helps me balance out my remaining course load for the rest of my time at Pitt. I also realized that my internship abroad in the Sydney program would be more beneficial for me since I would be able to explore career opportunities and be able to network in a field that I am pursuing. In terms of my education from the CBA, the Sydney program will help integrate the Pitt Business mission (From the Classroom. To the City. To the World), where I could apply my knowledge in a global setting. Because Sydney is a great opportunity in the Finance and Marketing sector, I am able to complete my Finance and Marketing electives that would help complete major requirements as well as completing my last general education requirement in Social Sciences. This program offers me a new perspective of the finance world outside of America. When I explore career opportunities in the future, I would be able to provide a global perspective and additional knowledge from my time in Sydney, which I could apply to job interviews, and additional work opportunities in the future. Sydney would also provide me with an additional network outside the United States where I would be able to connect with other professionals that could help my career. This past summer I had an internship in the Private Equity / Investment Banking field, where I was exposed to the basics and foundation of Finance. Using this knowledge, I could gain a wealth of experience in the Finance world with my internship abroad, where I would be able to apply the same concepts I learned this past summer on a global scale with professionals in the Asia-Pacific region.