G’Day Mate!: A Sydney Introduction

G’day from Sydney! My name is Hunter Frable and I am a junior in the College of Business Administration. This spring semester, I’ll be taking on Pitt’s Global Business Institute in Sydney, Australia. My studies at Pitt include a double major in Marketing and Supply Chain Management as well as a minor in Economics. I also plan on pursuing a business certificate before I graduate, but I haven’t narrowed down which one I intend on completing. While on campus, I spend my time in various organizations, but my main passion is being a part of the Univerisity’s Men’s Rugby Club. 

I am originally from Berwyn, PA, which is about thirty minutes west of Philadelphia. I grew up as a passionate local sports fan so my initial dream was to attend a university in my hometown. When I didn’t get into my dream school, it was pretty discouraging. When I first got to Pitt I was a little disheartened, but as I got more comfortable and made friends I now don’t regret my decision at all. I’ve found a home at Pitt and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Regardless of where I was to attend college, I knew that I was going to spend a semester abroad. One of the reasons I was attracted to Pitt was their impressive array of programs tailored to enriching students with fantastic, insightful experiences. The fact that Pitt has a department devoted specifically to business students traveling abroad was another benefit that I couldn’t find anywhere else. To me, studying abroad provides me with the opportunity to gain a different perspective on our world. I’ll be able to learn how people in different cultures conduct business and daily life and relate that to my own future experiences back in the States.

Every since I was ten years old it had been my dream to visit Australia, so choosing Sydney as my studying destination was a no-brainer. Aside from my childhood dreams, Sydney is a bustling global city that provides an excellent study of international business and culture while avoiding language barriers that can hinder this learning. 

One thing that I love about the Global Business Institute’s program is the internship opportunity it helped me gain. This semester I’ll be working with the Greater Western Sydney Giants, a member of the Australian Football League, as a membership and ticketing intern. This opportunity from GBI is my first real experience in a career path that aligns with my major goals and interests. My past work experience before this was only a few summers as a camp counselor at my local YMCA. It was a fun job, but I’m ready to move toward a real career path. My hope is that this internship opportunity will push me in the right direction.

With this internship and a few interesting courses to boot, my extremely warm spring semester will be jam-packed with action and adventure. I’m excited for the experiences I’m about to have and can’t wait to share them with you as the weeks go by.