Intro to Sydney

I first want to introduce myself to everyone reading this. My name is Maurice Scott, and I am a Junior at the University of Pittsburgh and I am attending the College of Business Administration pursuing a degree in Marketing. I am a Nordenberg Leadership Scholar while also serving as a Chair for the Fundraising Committee of Pitt’s Black Action Society. I am a member of the Pitt Sports Business Association as well. During my time as a Pitt student I have always had a great deal of interest in the prospect of studying abroad. As a part of my Nordenberg Leadership Scholarship, I was afforded with a chance to spend an entire semester abroad. In choosing my program, I was intrigued by the option to take part in an internship along with the classes while I was abroad. Professionally, I want to pursue a career in the field of Sports Marketing for a professional sports team. I grew up in Philadelphia where sports are very much infused with the fabric of life there. Sports has been the biggest passion that I have had throughout my entire life. I had a childhood dream of being one of those word class athletes but the opportunity to work in the organizations and to help promote the next generation of world class athletes.

          The choice of studying in Sydney matched everything that I desired in my study abroad experience. The Global Business Institute in Sydney for the semester was the ideal choice first because it is a different culture in an English speaking country. This was a huge point of emphasis because I felt that potentially working and living in a completely different culture and environment wouldn’t be nearly as enjoyable with a major language barrier preventing me from fulling immersing myself in the culture. Being able to communicate effectively allows for me to feel more comfortable in stepping out of my comfort zone in experiencing the culture. The second major reason why I wanted to come to Sydney was the sports culture. Australia’s sports culture is probably the closest that resembles the sports culture in America. My internship was going to be in sports, so I wanted my experience that would be in a place that would best reflect the culture that I want to work in in America. Here, I am in partaking in a Marketing internship at a Golf Company called Golf Deals Group. I am mainly working on promoting a number of events at various golf courses throughout Australia in their Golfer Tour social golf series. I am also looking forward to being able to enjoy the great weather that Sydney has to offer. Being in the summer months in Australia, I can say that I expect a great upgrade in weather from Pittsburgh in the winter. Sydney is located on the Pacific coast and holds well over 100 beaches. Living in a city that has such great access to areas where I can enjoy downtime was critical to my interest in the city in general. Overall, I am ecstatic about my opportunity to study and work and explore this great place.