Walk to Work With Me in Downtown Sydney!

While on my study abroad trip in Sydney, I decided to complete an internship for credit in addition to taking academic courses through the CAPA Center. My internship takes place at a market research start-up company called Snooper and is located in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, or Central Business District. Rush hour in downtown Sydney can be quite busy, so my 25 minute commute is quite manageable compared to that of my coworkers and fellow CAPA students who can travel upwards of an hour to get to work. 

My morning starts off with a 15 minute walk to Pyrmont Bridge, which is a pedestrian overpass that connects my apartment in Darling Harbour (check out my last post to learn more about CAPA accommodations this semester!) with the busy streets of Sydney’s CBD. This walk is my favorite part of the morning as Cockle Bay is incredibly scenic and there are always boats sailing around the bridge. After crossing over to the CBD, I walk an additional 10 minutes through the streets of downtown Sydney to my building located on York Street. There are plenty of cafes scattered around Sydney, so I always make sure to grab a flat white or latte on my way to work. Coffee is an essential part of Australian culture, so starting the day off with a local drink is a must!

Although walking is the only form of transportation I personally use to get to my internship, many of the other CAPA students use Sydney’s public transportation system through the means of buses, trains, and light rails to get to work. The buses in Sydney are comparable to the public buses available to students at Pitt, though public transportation here is generally much more reliable and easier to track than buses in Pittsburgh. Similar to how Pitt students use their school ID as a bus pass in Pittsburgh, CAPA students are given Opal cards to act as a ticket to enter buses within Australia. The only difference in Sydney is that riders are required to tap their Opal card when they enter as well depart from the bus, so make sure to scan your card twice when riding public transportation!

Overall my work commute to and from my internship is quite enjoyable. Although certainly busier, walking around downtown Sydney during rush hour is similar to walking around downtown Pittsburgh on a weekday morning. My main piece of advice for students looking to do an internship in Sydney is to remember to walk on the left side of the sidewalk! Cars drive on the left side of the road in Australia, so likewise pedestrians walk on the left side of sidewalks. If you make sure to follow this courtesy rule, you’ll have a smooth and simple commute to your internship.