To Learn & Intern

My internship placement is with a small tech-startup called Springday. As a wellbeing platform, they work with clients such as PWC, Virgin Australia, and other corporations in order to enhance their human resources through the promotion of employee health. Through articles and videos on the Springday website and app, users can explore the 5 pillars of health: physical, mental, social, career, and financial. During activity challenges, users can compete as an individual or in a team by completing checkpoints and tracking steps to motivate a more active and healthy lifestyle. Recently, they have merged with a company called mPort who builds pods that have intricate body scanners providing measures on health such as BMI. 


On my first day, I spent most of the day learning the core concepts and getting acclimated with some of the new clients that I will be working with. I also signed privacy agreements to meet Australian standards and laws governing healthcare. I think it was difficult to learn all the basics and get to a comfortable level of contribution, and sometimes I still find it hard to stay up to date since I am only in the office twice a week, however, we have “stand-ups” every morning where we each share what we are working on which is really helpful since there are so many different projects and types of jobs to do. 

Mainly, I have been working with the Customer Success Manager who coordinates with clients directly. With my interest in Business Information Systems, this has been a really valuable role in gaining experience in the field. Most of my time is spent in data analytics: extracting key data from user activity and formulating reports that showcase insights to be summarized and clearly presented to the client. I also enjoy sitting in on client meetings and understanding how the sales team pitches their product and adjusts to the needs of the client. In addition, I worked to establish a template for the wireframe and organization of website pages for specific clients because each campaign is customizable and changes as the weeks progress. On the internal side of the business, I am also working to develop an integration of the CRM platform Salesforce. I think I arrived at the company at an interesting time because they are in a transition phase and recently acquired new clients, so I am able to be an active part of the process.  

I recommend being confident and realizing your role is important to the company you are working for, even as an intern. I was surprised at how much responsibility and trust I was given from my first day, but believe I am offering value. Also, make sure you are friendly with your co-workers. I was surprised at how close everyone was and even was invited to a company BBQ my first week which really helped break the surface to get to know my co-workers (and the office dogs) better. I look forward to challenging myself further as an intern for the second half of the program to see if I can learn even more technical skills and about my own personal aspirations by the end of the 240 hours.