Final Reflections on Australia

Challenges From My Abroad Experience

The biggest challenge for me that I think I had to experience during my time in Australia involved with getting adjusted to my internship. Although it was exciting to be working in Sports Marketing and doing an internship that fit along with my career interests, it was also a very intimidating experience to go through initially. I had no clue what my workplace was going to be like, I was still getting adjusted to just being in Sydney altogether. This was my first real office job, so there were already nerves from that along with not knowing what is really in store for me once I got there. And also, on top of all of that, I want to make sure that I can actually do the work properly. This was a very intimidating thing to come into. The way that I handled it was letting my supervisor know that I was excited to work, I was looking forward to doing meaningful work and being an asset to this organization, but that also this was my first time doing this work so early in the process I was likely going to need assistance with getting the hang of everything that will be asked of me. My supervisor took it as best as I could imagine he would. Throughout the process, he was there for anything that I may have needed while I was there. The thing that I appreciated the most about my time there was the fact that I always felt welcome and included as a part of their organization even though I would only be there for a couple months. I would advise any students coming to Australia in the future or going abroad in general that will work internships while they are there to not be intimidated by the idea of being there. If you are upfront and honest with your organization from the beginning about expectations, you will get the absolute most out of your experience.

Skills I’ve Gained From My Abroad Experience

I believe that adaptability is the number one skill that I have acquired from my study abroad experience. Just being able to get acquainted and work in a completely different culture from what I was accustomed to in America shows my ability to be flexible and adapt to potentially difficult situations. Another great transferable skill I believe my internship in Australia gave me was a more global perspective of how business operates. I think in today’s business culture, everything is becoming more and more global so the need for people in your organization who have a global perspective on business does nothing but strengthen that organization. For me, being able to market and view a new segmentation of people who I hadn’t previously focused gave me an idea of what other cultures find important in different experiences. Lastly, being in a diverse working environment and living in an extremely diverse city like Sydney, the ability to take everyone’s point of view and work together is a very valuable tool to have in my opinion. Like I said in my previous point, the world of business is becoming more and more global. This is the case not only for organizations looking outward in partners and the customers that they are working with, but it is also the case internally with the cultural diversity that is necessary in the employees to be successful. More importantly than just having the diversity is having that diversity coexist and collaborate their different perspectives in a healthy, productive manner. I believe my abroad experience has given me the ability to do that.