Living in London


If I lived in London full-time I would want to reside in the east end of the city. This semester I was housed in West London in West Kensington, which is a very posh and expensive neighborhood. Being about a 30 minute walk from Kensington Palace, rent prices, food, and drinks were a little too rich for me. Also I think that the east end of the city has more character and would be a cooler place to live. I really enjoyed the neighborhood Hackney Wick near Victoria Park, which is located in the London Borough of Hackney and Tower Hamlets. The properties are more residential but there is still so much to do with diverse restaurants and nightlife nearby with amazing street art present throughout the community. If I were to move to London I would definitely consider living in an area that was not a tourist destination. It was nice to visit an area that was authentic and felt like more of a community compared to a location in the middle of the city. While owning a car is quite expensive in London, the public transportation stretches out to the suburbs where it is readily available. Professionally, it would be a dream to work in trading at an investment bank in London. Most of the financial industry is located in Canary Wharf, which is a really interesting section of the city that is built right on top of the old docklands. London is such a large and global city that there are endless opportunities in the finance sector. 

In my short time in London, I wish that I was more actively visiting museums and trying to absorb as much culture as possible. Cheap shows and musicals are available on the West End and there are so many concert venues that have such a deep and profound role on London’s history and influence in music. There are over one-hundred different neighborhoods in the city that each have a distinct character and different cultural influences. These neighborhoods are home to various ethnic cuisines and shops and there are almost too many to explore. Also, Europe has so many cheap flights available and it makes traveling much easier for potential weekend trips. London is home to six different airports which makes any future travels possible.It would be an amazing opportunity to explore the rest of Europe especially after being sent back to the United States early.