Augsburg – Finale


Although the semester’s plans were drastically different from what everyone expected, I still had one of the best classroom experiences in this semester’s Projects in Marketing class. The semester has been engaging and challenging, with a ton of new insights into the world of consulting. Meade throughout has been helpful and supportive, especially when we received the news that we were not going abroad, she helped us through the difficult process of completing the project remotely. One of my biggest takeaways from not just this class but this entire semester was always look for the silver lining.

In this semester, clearly, we had to do a lot of searching for the silver lining surrounding this class, but through this experience we had a good insight into how business works remotely, which is new practical experience with how the world is changing. This is not only a premier takeaway but also a lesson in how to transform an undesirable outcome into a transferable skill. As the global economy rebounds from this crisis, it is great that I am able to get a head start on how most business is going to be conducted for the immediate future. However, there have also been many skills gained that are slightly more traditional, such as an increased snapshot of teamwork and how it operates in the face of a crisis. Luckily, everyone that was in the class was incredible, and very professional and composed in the face of our plans not turning out well. This is also a great lesson in other aspects like flexibility and adaptability, but also having a contingency plan during downturn or even a crisis.

As I am working through the job application process, this experience is something I can bring up in interviews. However, our class has worked through this experience extraordinarily well, and so the outcome is overall very positive. Hopefully, as students take this class or classes like it, they will keep in mind the silver lining, and all of the positive outcomes and possibilities of a class like this. I would also highly recommend taking a class with Meade, we were so lucky to have someone with the experience and understanding during this time. Even if and when this crisis abates, there will certainly be problems in the future that can’t be predicted, but if a positive attitude is kept, hopefully each student can get the best student out of their experience.