Learning in the Pittdemic: Intro Post

Hi to anyone reading this! My name is Aidan Moynagh and I am an incoming freshman at the Pitt College of Business. I am from Berwyn, Pennsylvania, a suburb that is close to Philadelphia. I went to Conestoga High School and participated in extracurricular activities that included soccer, cross country, track, paddle tennis, Investment Club, and Junior Statesmen of America. I like watching soccer and am a strong Philly sports fan. I also like listening to music, being active and getting exercise, and watching documentaries about interesting stuff in general.

Academically at Pitt, I am probably going to major in Finance with a certificate in either Leadership and Ethics or Supply Chain Management. This could be subject to change since Pitt has a lot of interesting classes in many business subjects, making it kind of hard to pick. I am definitely looking to join the Socially Responsible Investment Portfolio, because I would like to practice managing real monetary assets while also being part of a group of people that do not simply invest solely for the financial gain. I also would like to get involved in service clubs and potentially join a business fraternity. Similar to my academics, though, things are not set in stone, and I am open to doing anything which seems fun. As far as in-school business courses go, I have taken finance and multimedia courses in high school, which I found enjoyable compared to most other courses. Additionally, outside of school I participated in Junior Achievement in my senior year, which was a very helpful experience in working with teams and simulating the operations of a business. Our meetings took place in the SAP headquarters, which allowed us to meet and learn from participating professionals. I was a member of the sales team and practiced persuading customers to purchase our product. Each one of the program advisors, most of whom were employees at SAP, helped us throughout the program while also letting us, the students, make most of the important decisions on our own, similar to a college club. One counselor helped me practice public speaking skills. My mentor for the program, another SAP employee, offered some sage advice about the importance of time management and Excel in potential jobs, among other things. I also was going to intern in the business office at YSC Sports, a large sports facility, in the month before I graduated from high school, which would have been helpful in observing and managing demand for services, but it unfortunately was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When looking forward to the future as a business professional, the future is a bit murky to think about. I know I will most likely find a job, as is the case with most Pitt graduates, but where and what I want to pursue is something I still need to do some more thinking about. One of the things that I will be looking to do is applying for paid internships during the summers of each year. Pitt has a robust corporate and alumni network, and interning at companies will be a good way to get a view of what life is like living in different communities and working in different industries. It is another reason why I am thankful for the helpful academic advisors and faculty as well as the university’s array of great experiences and groups to get involved in. There is currently a lot of turmoil in America so the country this class will inherit will be far different than the one we are living in right now. I will keep this in mind when thinking about where I want to go in the future.

The Haller Global Honors Fellowship usually consists of traveling to Ireland to learn about businesses in Dublin, but due to the pandemic it was restricted to being virtual. Despite this setback and initial disappointment of not getting to go to Ireland, I still am glad that I was chosen for this program and I think that these two weeks will still have a lot of positive and beneficial things before the start of the semester. The core reason that we go to Ireland, namely to meet intelligent Irish business people and connect with students, is still intact albeit in a virtual way. I have not met all of our clients yet but I am certain that they as well as the other guests featured in this altered fellowship will be very insightful and be a positive influence on the whole process. It also is helpful to engage in productive work that helps people before official classes. The Zoom calls with the faculty and fellow students are also helpful as they are preparing us for any potential online-only courses. So far, using Zoom has sometimes been tough on the eyes, but with time I think I will get used to it. Even if the worst scenarios of a COVID-covered campus become a reality, the fellowship will have done a good job starting us off on the right foot. I am excited to start my journey at Pitt in the fall!