And the Journey Begins…(Remotely)


Hi everyone! My name is Iris Quan and I am a rising junior at the University of Pittsburgh. I am pursuing a major in Accounting and a minor in Chinese. I am from Easton, Pennsylvania but prior to moving here, I lived in New York City for the majority of my life. While at school, I spend the majority of my time working part-time at Fuku Tea which is a shop near campus. I was able to learn how to develop my time-management skills to balance academics and work. Outside of academics, I also love art, music, and spending time with my family and friends.

Last summer, I had the opportunity to be an intern for the private events team at Tribeca Grill in New York City. It was an amazing experience where I learned most of my organization and communication skills and it was a great way to learn about the industry. I knew for the following summer which was the summer of 2020, that I wanted to grow my experience even further so I planned to study abroad. During the school year, I applied to study abroad for the summer and had it planned out that I was going to study abroad and have an internship in London. Unfortunately due to COVID, when the university decided to close to school and have classes online for the rest of the semester, all of the study abroad programs were canceled as well.

Although it was an unfortunate event, I received an email from the program CAPA that they were going to offer remote internships with countries around the world. I was not going to let COVID stop me from gaining experience so I decided this was something I wanted to do. I knew COVID has affected everyone around the world and this is has had a major impact on many companies and how they operate. Working remotely will probably soon be a common aspect for most companies and I thought this experience would allow me to gain experience on how to work remotely to use in the future. 

After working with CAPA, I was placed with a company in London called MCE Consult which is a training and coaching consultancy that supports business people to manage their systems and processes so they can grow and generate profit. Over the next few weeks, I will be working with them by helping develop new social media campaigns, research on the client’s needs and specific industries to create relevant content, and use that to update their CRM system. 

While working with MCE Consult, I hope to be able to learn from the experience as a whole since this will be the first time I will be working remotely as well as internationally. I believe communication, time-management, and organization plays a major role in this experience especially with the time difference. I hope to continue to develop these skills as well as obtain global knowledge while working with this company in London.

Overall, I am eager to be working with MCE Consult and I am excited to be apart of this program. I look forward to learning as much as I can and making the most out of this experience!