Working in Dublin (From Home)

My name is Aaryanna Dawson-Sarabia. I’m from Palos Verdes, California and I am a rising junior here at the University of Pittsburgh. At Pitt, I am in the College of Business Administration where I am pursuing majors in Finance and Supply Chain Management with a minor in French and a Certificate in Leadership and Ethics. Additionally, at Pitt I am a part of the professional business fraternity Alpha Kappa Psi, as well as the social sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma. Both of these organizations have been extremely beneficial to me throughout my time so far at Pitt by allowing me to get more involved in activities, connecting me to service opportunities, and my business fraternity has especially allowed me to gain so many skills through extensive access to professional development opportunities.
Through my certificate program, I have also had the opportunity to work on several consulting projects for different companies in Pittsburgh allowing me to explore different areas of business. For example, last semester I worked on a consulting project for Thread International, a retail company devoted to sustainability and using recycled materials. Through exposure like this, in addition to classes I have taken in the business school, I have been able to gain a better idea of what kind of career I would like to pursue after college. More specifically, I am particularly interested my the supply chain management aspects of business and I also have a big interest in fashion, so I would love to work as a buyer, or work as a supply chain manager for a fashion retail company.
Additionally, while attending Pitt I have had the chance to explore a few different global opportunities. First, last summer, I had the chance to study abroad in China for two weeks through the Plus3 Program which was an incredible experience that allowed me to learn so much about business on an international scale. I also took a Global Service Learning class last semester in which I worked on a consulting project for a Puerto Rican based non-profit, however due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I was unable to complete the travel portion of the class planned for Spring Break and I was also unable to partake in my planned internship program in France this summer. While the travel component of study abroad was taken out of the equation, I was still determined to have a global experience this summer, so I looked for alternatives and that is when I decided to partake in the CAPA remote global internship program. This program connects students with companies across the globe, allowing them to still intern internationally, through virtual internships, so that we can gain important professional experience despite the restrictions created by the pandemic.
I was placed into an internship with a company called VisionGreen Consultancy, which is based in Dublin, Ireland. VisionGreen is devoted to sustainability and helping companies implement environmentally conscious practices in their supply chain. During my six-week remote internship with the company, I will be helping them conduct research and best practices for sustainable reporting in order to help create an industry standard to measure companies against. I am really excited to begin work on this internship because I think that sustainable practices are extremely important, especially in business because these business practices have a huge impact on our plant. Many of the sustainable practices that companies can implement tie directly into different steps in the supply chain, so this research ties into my interest in working in the supply chain industry and will allow to gain some great professional experience.
I cannot wait to begin work because I know this internship will allow to acquire so many important soft and hard professional skills that I can take with me to any future jobs or internships I may have. I think that, the fact that this internship is remote will really allow me to fine tune my communication skills because maintaining constant contact will be one of the major determinants of having a successful experience with this remote internship. Furthermore, I am excited that I will be working internationally, which will allow me to gain more cross-cultural awareness, as well as learn more about different business standards in different countries. Overall, I am really looking forward to this experience and I can’t wait to get started!